UFC Vegas 11: Fighters You Should Know


Heading in to UFC Vegas 11, Randy Costa, Mackenzie Dern and Ryan Spann are three fighters you need to know.
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  • Champ the
    Champ theMåned siden

    두 번째 놈 코너 따라하네ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Yung Støry
    Yung StøryMåned siden

    Dude look damn near 40 & he's 25🤣 I'm 22 & feel 50😭

  • Tank Seldou
    Tank SeldouMåned siden

    non of them r impressive🤣

  • Dr. Loomis
    Dr. LoomisMåned siden

    1:29 I remember Boston Salmon being talked up quite a bit before his UFC debut and then he went on to have two awful performances. He was also viciously (albeit illegally) KO'd by a knee in his last fight in LFA. Here's the clip nolocal.info/have/video/pl-noMlwyHGF1Yg&ab_channel=E.Y.OTV

  • Muhammad Umar
    Muhammad UmarMåned siden

    Ryan spann looks like David haye

  • Karma
    KarmaMåned siden

    Wait sometimes these vidoes are useful but they really put Spann and dern in this video? Surely most ppl know both of them by now

  • Hakeem The Venomous
    Hakeem The VenomousMåned siden

    Zohan fights with his body to the side never seen that before😂

  • 13 1618 alalá
    13 1618 alaláMåned siden


  • Kakaraz
    KakarazMåned siden

    Where is Ciryl Gane?

  • Film Rajesh Khanna Style
    Film Rajesh Khanna StyleMåned siden


  • Peter Penis
    Peter PenisMåned siden

    Leg-locks ftw 🔥

  • I Am Troll
    I Am TrollMåned siden

    I can't wait to see Tyrone Woodly fighting in Scott Ferozo's backyard for food stamps. Retire him Colby!

  • Torque
    TorqueMåned siden

    always hannah cifers highlight messed up and dana paid her $4k in the angela hill fight

  • Jo Adams
    Jo AdamsMåned siden

    That superman s is cringe. Be original

  • Bloody Elbow MMA
    Bloody Elbow MMAMåned siden


  • Brandumful
    BrandumfulMåned siden

    2:10 some fighters will protest a stoppage even when they can't sand up for more than a second

  • D. SQ
    D. SQMåned siden

    I love THE DERN.

  • tiozinho robin
    tiozinho robinMåned siden


  • The Eagle
    The EagleMåned siden

    Khabib nurmagomedov interview with Megan Olivi nolocal.info/have/video/qWemg62wvKmCtqY

  • pipa gsock
    pipa gsockMåned siden


  • --
    --Måned siden

    2:12 "ref why'd you stop it?" 🤨 Falls down

  • Abraxas
    AbraxasMåned siden

    We live in a simulation

  • I Just Wanna Maul People
    I Just Wanna Maul PeopleMåned siden

    2:12 "why you stopping the fight ref ? Am still in this, let me just pass out on the floor for a few minutes first ok ?"

  • azka s
    azka sMåned siden

    The man with superman tattoo

  • uwantSAM0A
    uwantSAM0AMåned siden

    Pay Dustin

  • Icon of Sin
    Icon of SinMåned siden

    Mackenzie "black baby" Dern

  • Jess Walters
    Jess WaltersMåned siden

    Am I the only girl that gets wet watching ufc?

  • Vihaan Ramesh

    Vihaan Ramesh

    Måned siden

    Me too! Especially when bigfoot silva and cyborg are fighting. Those guys are hawt!

  • Timothy Henderson
    Timothy HendersonMåned siden

    2:09 "Why are you stopping the fight?!?!" 3 seconds later, collapses without anyone touching him.

  • Mental Imagery

    Mental Imagery

    Måned siden

    Almost fell out the cage door

  • Kevin Luna

    Kevin Luna

    Måned siden

    truu story it was pretty obvious tbh that uppercut that landed put him limp he only hot up out of instinct but he was very hurt even before the uppercuts which is why he was falling all over the place after the stoppage

  • truu story

    truu story

    Måned siden

    It's crazy how good the ref was to see that

  • free fire King FFK
    free fire King FFKMåned siden

    Nasrat haqparast is the futhere

  • Batman Haha
    Batman HahaMåned siden

    Congratulations UFC with 10 million subscribers 🥳

  • Tyro Cyr
    Tyro CyrMåned siden

    All flying under the radar and underrated 🙌🏼

  • You Mad
    You MadMåned siden

    I'm not an expert but after analyzing the video from beginning to end, I can not say anything because as I mentioned in the beginning, I'm not an expert!

  • Christian Warren

    Christian Warren

    Måned siden

    This comment gave me a stroke

  • Max Violet
    Max VioletMåned siden


  • Sonic Boom717
    Sonic Boom717Måned siden

    Mackenzie is beautiful

  • Jesaya Giordano
    Jesaya GiordanoMåned siden

    The Zohan has long arms

  • Fast Code Developer
    Fast Code DeveloperMåned siden

    Congrats on reaching 10 million subscribers UFC! Please love the comment! Much love, we all love the sport and you do the best at bringing it to the world.

  • Omar Alaoui
    Omar AlaouiMåned siden

    You should for sure mention othman azaitar , that guy was a beast last night.

  • Neil Colwell
    Neil ColwellMåned siden

    In fact, I'm Northern Irish and Proud 🇬🇧☘🇬🇧☘🇬🇧☘

  • Neil Colwell
    Neil ColwellMåned siden

    I'm certainly not fake Irish. 🇬🇧🇬🇧☘☘👍👍

  • oopopp x
    oopopp xMåned siden

    The complete LACK of hype the ufc has done for this event is pathetic...

  • Hunter 1213
    Hunter 1213Måned siden

    A lot of people don’t realize but Ryan Spann started his UFC journey on Dana white looking for a fight, he was on the same card as Sage Northcutt and look where they both are now.

  • Aditya pundir
    Aditya pundirMåned siden

    Hands was not even clamp together. I think he gassed out

  • Eric Hammer
    Eric HammerMåned siden

    Anyone with an "S" tattooed on their chest is setting the bar higher than they can achieve lol

  • Slim Shady
    Slim ShadyMåned siden

    Mackenzies accent it fake right?

  • errrk chill
    errrk chillMåned siden

    Where was the skill? I didn't see anyone on my level...

  • errrk chill

    errrk chill

    Måned siden

    @NOTNEVER X oh real mature, just laugh it up buddy! I've leaned every move and every weakness possible from all my years of watching from my couch.. nobody see the things I do

  • kb hithesh
    kb hitheshMåned siden

    0:21 ngannou looking slim and fit.

  • VayKayLand
    VayKayLandMåned siden

    I havent seen Woodley in a minute has he not fought since the Usman fight? I don't watch UCF as much as I use to but I havent heard any news about him

  • Ignacio jaque
    Ignacio jaqueMåned siden

    I can't wait to see the improvements in J. Walker. BTW, R. Spann is tough... So i don't expect an easy fight for him.

  • King Strat
    King StratMåned siden

    Randy "The Zohan" Costa lmao dont mess with the Zohan 😁🤣😂

  • Eduardo Luis
    Eduardo LuisMåned siden

    Didn’t know who Mackenzie Dern was before this video, thank you UFC 🥴

  • Maniac Jr.
    Maniac Jr.Måned siden

    Mackenzie "a thousands accents" Dern

    WHITE LIONMåned siden

    Randy Costa...delivering knockout punches! 💪🏻😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😜😜👍🏻

    WHITE LIONMåned siden

    Everybody knows Dern...why is she on here? Probably cuz they have to put a woman on everything now.

  • Proloop Under
    Proloop UnderMåned siden

    I hear Rico Verhoeven still asks himself who is Overeem... You say that hugging and kissing is the real fight, I say it is not, if you bring me there I would poke your eyes out or bite something off of you, stand up is the real thing, stand up is where you see who is who.

  • Arshbir Janagal
    Arshbir JanagalMåned siden

    Only English Subtitles? Think about people Like Mackenzie Dern while uploading.

  • loosey5
    loosey5Måned siden

    Mackenzie "Darren Till" Dern

  • #TeamHawaii Promotions
    #TeamHawaii PromotionsMåned siden

    Tyson Nam should've been highlighted in here! Another highlight reel KO coming up this weekend! 🔥🔥🔥 #TeamHawaii

  • Janemba 112

    Janemba 112

    Måned siden

    I thought it was funny tho how he started crying after he knocked the guy out

  • Janemba 112

    Janemba 112

    Måned siden

    Is he gonna cry again after he knocks him out? Just kidding he's a good dude

  • Mark Craciun
    Mark CraciunMåned siden


  • 3du Constantino
    3du ConstantinoMåned siden

    Randy "Paulo Costa lil brother" Costa.

  • Justyn Fogarty
    Justyn FogartyMåned siden

    Lets go Randy Costa!

  • 3du Constantino
    3du ConstantinoMåned siden

    Mackenzie Dern is already well known.

  • Okwolus
    OkwolusMåned siden

    Ryan 'I look like Ngannou from behind" Spann

  • Kevin Mejia 415
    Kevin Mejia 415Måned siden

    Love these vids

  • Daniel B.
    Daniel B.Måned siden

    I love these fighters you should know segments

  • Grampy Back
    Grampy BackMåned siden

    That butt kick was hot

    MMA GEEKSMåned siden

    11 fighters you should but just showing 3 fighters

  • Ben Burnside
    Ben BurnsideMåned siden

    Quit having every show on ESPN Plus. I ain't gonna subscribe every month. Put some on ESPN!

  • käte Kruse
    käte KruseMåned siden

    no blood, no fun 🤣

  • Fluke Knockedcold
    Fluke KnockedcoldMåned siden

    Feel bad for Johnny Clown Walker

  • Fluke Knockedcold

    Fluke Knockedcold

    Måned siden

    I feel bad for myself haha

  • Andrei Tomescu

    Andrei Tomescu

    Måned siden

    Same, he was entertaining af with his highlight reel ko’s. Damn, your username is disrespectful af, but the recipient deserves it😂😂

  • F v
    F vMåned siden

    David Dvořák ?

  • Kis iu
    Kis iuMåned siden

    Look at The GAMEEEEER

  • Peter Walker
    Peter WalkerMåned siden

    Thought that was David Haye in the thumbnail

  • I Don't Care
    I Don't CareMåned siden

    Was that a heel in Deen's booty the last few frames of the video? Weird but I'll take it.

  • Jay B.
    Jay B.Måned siden

    Kinda feel sorry for Hannah Cifers, she appeared 4 times this year and lost 4 times.

  • Eric Lamoureux
    Eric LamoureuxMåned siden

    After last card ,UFC said we're gonna stack up the next one

  • savvy830
    savvy830Måned siden

    You see people what Devin Clark did. He ran against the fence to avoid getting more shots it's called evading and every fighter does that. But when Izzy simply moves out and readjusts you call it "running". I guess you folks should educate yourself before making ignorant remarks.

  • BrokenFaced Clown
    BrokenFaced ClownMåned siden

    Mc derns arse is great

  • Steve Ausrin
    Steve AusrinMåned siden

    Dern is so unlikable

  • Pedro R
    Pedro RMåned siden

    This is a papeview card I don't care what people say

  • Gio
    GioMåned siden

    We just hit the 10m subs BABY 💥💥

  • Jo TV
    Jo TVMåned siden

    jamming her heel right in there i see.

  • Zydaking
    ZydakingMåned siden

    Any man that tattoos a super man logo on his chest deserves to live without thumbs

  • Joe D
    Joe DMåned siden

    Ultimate knee bar defense: Heel kick to the brown eye. No one ever tries it tho...

  • alan mcdonald

    alan mcdonald

    Måned siden

    I would definitely do something to Mackenzie Dern's brown eye.

  • clayton hoffman
    clayton hoffmanMåned siden

    If the Mackenzie Dern fight was to get canceled this card would be perfect

  • Werewolf O. London, Esq.

    Werewolf O. London, Esq.

    Måned siden

    Why, she can fight.

  • P - Mac

    P - Mac

    Måned siden


  • banjo
    banjoMåned siden

    Randy Costa drops his hand that should be up every time he throws a punch...

  • Marcin Strachu Opałka

    Marcin Strachu Opałka

    Måned siden

    @banjo Journey Newson

  • banjo


    Måned siden

    alan mcdonald I see. What do you think will happen? Who is he fighting?

  • alan mcdonald

    alan mcdonald

    Måned siden

    he's green as grass, and has about less than 25 minutes total in cage time across his six fights.

  • john petzi

    john petzi

    Måned siden

    He will get knockedout

  • alpha zac
    alpha zacMåned siden

    WHERE IS KHAMZAT he is real DEAl

  • AbdeRrahim AbdeRrahim

    AbdeRrahim AbdeRrahim

    Måned siden

    cuz he's already known



    Måned siden

    Calm down he just beat a guy making his ufc debut and a guy with a negative record in the ufc, don't jump on hypetrains too fast

  • alpha zac
    alpha zacMåned siden

    the dude with cute face lmfao has weird stance

  • Geo The Uncle
    Geo The UncleMåned siden

    Ju heptuhebe spirit

  • Vihaan Ramesh
    Vihaan RameshMåned siden

    2:11 lol at the guy protesting the stoppage

  • --


    Måned siden

    That guy was a total fraud



    Måned siden

    To be fair he went to another dimension for a few seconds. He didnt know he got ktfo. 😔

  • Techy Era
    Techy EraMåned siden

    is there also anyone who expecting Khamzat in that video?

  • alan mcdonald

    alan mcdonald

    Måned siden

    Everyone already know him.

  • Van Oropa
    Van OropaMåned siden

    Congratulation 10 Million Subscriber UFC

  • Aadil Khan
    Aadil KhanMåned siden

    Superman Looks Like Nganu from back😀

  • Healing Through Inspiration
    Healing Through InspirationMåned siden

    It's a lot reading the blocks of texts while the action is going on

  • Mr. Mayhem
    Mr. MayhemMåned siden

    Why would you tattoo Superman on your chest 🤦‍♂️ Moron of the day

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon AhernMåned siden

    If Span beats Walker, Walker will be 0-2 at SBG Ireland. Being Irish and a John Kavanagh fan, I hope that doesn't happen. Randy Costa is the Daniel Ricciardo of MMA (sending it)

  • Samy Youcef Addoun

    Samy Youcef Addoun

    Måned siden

    Gym full of bums

  • Leo
    LeoMåned siden

    UFC actually fucking all about the money/ siding with betting companies smh they promote randy costa for example so people put all their money on him after this vid but the causals don’t know he’s going up against a killer in newson

  • fail_lip
    fail_lipMåned siden

    Oh shit, I didnt know the Zohan got in the UFC Remember, You dont mess with *de Zohan*

  • Jairon Thomas
    Jairon ThomasMåned siden

    That kid Boston salmon was such a bust

  • Matt Tarrant
    Matt TarrantMåned siden

    Mackenzie “the fake accent” Dern

  • xHorrorx


    Måned siden

    Mackenzie “Big Mac” Dern

  • JohnCastillo


    Måned siden