UFC Vegas 11: Johnny Walker Interview after KO win


UFC light heavyweight Johnny Walker got back in the win column with a first-round knockout at UFC Vegas 11 on Saturday night.
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  • milk man
    milk man3 dager siden

    1:46 why he square up to the big guy ?🤣

  • rgge rgreg
    rgge rgreg8 dager siden

    GOD/CHRIST/HOLY SPIRIT Is With Johnny Walker for he is a Christian.

  • Abraão Azevedo
    Abraão Azevedo11 dager siden

    He is a Star,very funny and carismatic guy in UFC.

  • Paweł Skotnica
    Paweł Skotnica25 dager siden

    Ryan leaving in shame.

  • Le salvador
    Le salvador26 dager siden

    1:47 wtf?

  • Ty Cobb
    Ty CobbMåned siden

    Jonny is fun to watch as a fighter

  • Michael Myers
    Michael MyersMåned siden

    0:57 I wish they didn’t bleep it out it was the best part at least I got to watch it live though

  • Sparsh Gupta
    Sparsh GuptaMåned siden

    P.S. Johnny trained under Connor's coach, John Kavanagh for this fight.

  • lastboss1
    lastboss1Måned siden

    Super fighter but need to increase his toughness particularly his head toughness.

  • WeAreLive!
    WeAreLive!Måned siden

    Haha ryan spann you salty fook

  • O Kelhor
    O KelhorMåned siden

    Johnny fought great, he can beat a lot of people that are ranked higher than him

  • Jhonnatan Salazar
    Jhonnatan SalazarMåned siden

    Johnny "Zen" Walker

  • Rich MilliOFL
    Rich MilliOFLMåned siden

    "look at me my friend! I'm so fxcking strong" steaming with confidence! Love it!

  • PaniK
    PaniKMåned siden

    0:55 lmao “ I’m so f*cken strong”

  • Kyusho Nguyen
    Kyusho NguyenMåned siden

    Aiming to vital pressure points with right timing angle is the best way to deliver a knock out nolocal.info/have/video/e2urmrqBnWmdz5A

  • A Wise Idiot
    A Wise IdiotMåned siden

    Welcome back Johnny we missed you man. Now don’t lose your composer and lose sight of the title man. Also gotta work on defense can’t always get the KO.

  • hirap buhay
    hirap buhayMåned siden

    Best bar fight I've seen in a while👌🤭🤫

  • Quran Recitation
    Quran RecitationMåned siden

    He's back

  • Rafael sousa
    Rafael sousaMåned siden

    Fraco,queixo de princesa...... não convence nós brasileiros

  • EliteDavid Horne
    EliteDavid HorneMåned siden

    People saying he got a weak chin getting knocked down twice. But he also showed some good recovery after getting knocked down twice. I like the guy and I'll keep watching his fights. I think he's at the right gym to keep improving.

  • Marco Marques
    Marco MarquesMåned siden

    Esse cara nunca vai ganhar cinturão muito fraco

  • Junior l
    Junior lMåned siden

    Marreta pega ele e muita peia

  • Mr. Leeds
    Mr. LeedsMåned siden

    Hayop parang maasim asim ang paa ni walker

  • WSGtr
    WSGtrMåned siden

    You literally can't blink when Walker fights because someone's gonna get knocked out fast. Too bad it's often him.

  • Igor Roşca
    Igor RoşcaMåned siden

    I really see some huuge holes in his game 💀 - "Igor Lee"😂

  • Marcelle talks MMA
    Marcelle talks MMAMåned siden

    When he went in that zen meditation position 🤣

  • Anil Lal
    Anil LalMåned siden

    You need ken shamrock as a coach johnny and when he tells you to beat your oppenent into living death you remember to do that.

  • Anil Lal
    Anil LalMåned siden

    Johnny b good

  • Frodo H
    Frodo HMåned siden

    look at his face hahah

  • gorman1
    gorman1Måned siden

    dude walking off half way thru the official announcement is lame. Disrespected himself. KO's are racist.

  • Franklin cell PE
    Franklin cell PEMåned siden

    Continua lutando como um bosta

  • Pedro Aldo Rodriguez
    Pedro Aldo RodriguezMåned siden

    I'm glad he won, but he was lost , Ryan acted really dumb.

  • Jassen Michael
    Jassen MichaelMåned siden

    "Look at me my friend, I'm so fuckin strong" 😂🤣

  • Juan 007
    Juan 007Måned siden

    Seu estilo não tem nada a ver com o Anderson!

  • Abhishek singh
    Abhishek singhMåned siden

    Johnny walker looks like a heavyweight

  • faketv faketv
    faketv faketvMåned siden

    I wanna see Cory Anderson smash his face in again

  • Just Dylan Chase
    Just Dylan ChaseMåned siden

    Oh I won so now it's time to be quirky again. I couldn't stop laughing when Anderson got that ass

  • janlex serrano
    janlex serranoMåned siden

    sore loser

  • FrenchFighter01
    FrenchFighter01Måned siden

    Walker the cheater...all those hammer fists to the back of the head.

  • The Thriller
    The ThrillerMåned siden

    Still need to work a lot. Good luck.

  • Ishmael C
    Ishmael CMåned siden

    Walker is back

  • hannameister
    hannameisterMåned siden

    His opponent(Spann) and coach came across as bad sports. They were crying to dana about illegal shots, when in fact all the shots were legal. Glad to see Johnny get the win, really does need to work in his defence though.

  • Mr. B.
    Mr. B.Måned siden

    Jonny has to stop to throw those front kicks. They have 0 impact and plus when he throws them his chin is fucking open to the air

  • Think for yourself.
    Think for yourself.Måned siden

    All lives matter.

  • Austin ATOM
    Austin ATOMMåned siden

    I was glad walker got knocked out last time. He’s Corny AF

  • kenny omega
    kenny omegaMåned siden


  • tonton Gaming
    tonton GamingMåned siden

    Jhonny walker vs michael ferreira. It would be like a tekken game.

  • Rei yen
    Rei yenMåned siden

    Walker will lose to a top rated fighter again

  • doubleDelsewhere
    doubleDelsewhereMåned siden

    Hes got a long way to go, keep learning. That previous loss was the best thing that could of happened to him imo

  • Hemant Shigvan
    Hemant ShigvanMåned siden

    He was knocked out by span. Luckily he survived. Other wise walker will sleeping hell.

  • Tyro Cyr
    Tyro CyrMåned siden

    Johnnnnyy boy

  • Jacks Cleaner
    Jacks CleanerMåned siden

    Hype train Walker better keep his hands up with a chin like that.

  • dion4037
    dion4037Måned siden

    I dont know man, I love watching Johnny fight i am a big fan. But I cant help but have concerns. He really doesn't look like he's improved since last fight. It kinda makes sense now that Cory was able to finish him like he did. He needs a better overall camp. You can only have so many of these ridiculous back and fourth wars before you know it your getting dropped by jabs.

  • Rick Robitaille
    Rick RobitailleMåned siden

    Walker a real mystery to me about just how good he could be...but what I like about Walker is his unpredictability in the ring...he just needs to keep himself contained...

  • Somphoth Siratsamy
    Somphoth SiratsamyMåned siden

    lmfao sure, boy doesnt know the next level

    CamCANTRUNMåned siden

    17 illegal strikes later.

  • John Smith
    John SmithMåned siden

    This guy has terrible technique. Will never be a ufc champion

  • Charles Chi
    Charles ChiMåned siden

    At 1:46 when Johnny squared up against an official: That’s the Johnny I missed.

  • Hugo Boss
    Hugo BossMåned siden

    Johnny Walker has no chin?

  • Derek Asgar
    Derek AsgarMåned siden

    He need do some serious boxing lessons he getting clipped. And he need better defense when he get taken down. The mistakes he made here on this night againts Jones and the top ufc guys he would have been finished

  • Liger Angry
    Liger AngryMåned siden

    Didn't showed the high ligths....Shut up!

  • BetaRayChill
    BetaRayChillMåned siden

    I like him and can’t stand him at the same time 🤔

  • Lochie Powell
    Lochie PowellMåned siden

    Hell yeah I wanna see more of johnny

    LIONEL SNITCHIEMåned siden

    Johnny has no chin and keeps his hands low 🤦‍♂️

  • taufan kusuma
    taufan kusumaMåned siden

    hes got lucky .. free pass for walker 😂

  • introvertsrulethisworld
    introvertsrulethisworldMåned siden

    Ryan Spann woulda won if he kept it standing. They need to run it back.

  • Ky B
    Ky BMåned siden

    That shit had me dying when he squared up with the security guard 🤣especially live

  • Mar JuniorONE
    Mar JuniorONEMåned siden

    Johnny walker hit ryan in the back of the head!

  • Ivan Zdravkovic
    Ivan ZdravkovicMåned siden

    Johhny is afraid of Rakic. That is a truth.

  • Ivan Zdravkovic

    Ivan Zdravkovic

    Måned siden

    @Future Champ Look Rakic flag in last fight men.

  • Future Champ

    Future Champ

    Måned siden

    @Ivan Zdravkovic you dont know Austria? Lol i Think u know nothing stop commenting fake Informations

  • Ivan Zdravkovic

    Ivan Zdravkovic

    Måned siden

    @Future Champ Aha. 🤣

  • Future Champ

    Future Champ

    Måned siden

    @Ivan Zdravkovic Alexander is from Austria,Vienna

  • Ivan Zdravkovic

    Ivan Zdravkovic

    Måned siden

    @Future Champ Brazilian killin instinct? Funny. Rakic is Serb and you talking about killing instinct.

  • VOIP Portland
    VOIP PortlandMåned siden

    One of the most entertaining fighters although understandably he's really toned it down. He is 90% offense and 10% defense and needs to work on that, he nearly got knocked out.

  • Vaquero Vegano
    Vaquero VeganoMåned siden

    Yo dis guy’s a cartoon lol

  • Sayid Zaki
    Sayid ZakiMåned siden

    1:29 Eric Haaland entered in the room.

  • don king
    don kingMåned siden

    Him vs Khamzat would be a good fight at 185......

  • Richard Smith
    Richard SmithMåned siden

    Don’t interview him again, just recognize his win in the ring, post fight interviews with this guy is embarrassing and a loss for all fighters in that they are perceived as intellectually deficient and it’s not the case.

  • Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!
    Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!Måned siden

    Love Walker, he is such a unique fighter I want to see him as a champion he deserves it, super exciting and funny fighter. Seems like a nice guy too

  • Mr. Chubi

    Mr. Chubi

    Måned siden


  • dave scumbag

    dave scumbag

    Måned siden

    I like his skill set and him as a person but he does stupid shit that’s sloppy af... he nearly got laid tf out because he threw a front kick in the pocket of boxing range... why throw a kick when the other dude is close enough to elbow you...

  • Michael P

    Michael P

    Måned siden

    I like him to I like his confidence and personality but I think skill wise he’s got some things to clean up before he becomes Champion. I can’t see him hanging with Reyes or Blachwitz he would get Ko’d

  • mmaaddict78


    Måned siden

    He’s way too wreckless to be champ. He sure is fun to watch though!

  • Thic Jon Jones

    Thic Jon Jones

    Måned siden

    Deserves? It's fucking fighting man no deserves should be relevant

  • Tolga Cakir
    Tolga CakirMåned siden


  • Lord Dios
    Lord DiosMåned siden

    Lmao back of the head shots

  • Shade InMoney
    Shade InMoneyMåned siden

    Feed him Corey Anderson

  • Bryan Ouellet
    Bryan OuelletMåned siden

    Cant wait to see Johnny get knocked out again.

  • Cαмιlσ σятιZ
    Cαмιlσ σятιZMåned siden


  • AngoNL035SD
    AngoNL035SDMåned siden

    Bs fight

  • Asseater 420
    Asseater 420Måned siden

    I was finna cry if Johnny lost that lmao

  • Lord Bottaro
    Lord BottaroMåned siden

    Johnny’s a BMF, lots of love for the lad from the UK.

    ART WARMåned siden

    The guy that beat him is not in the UFC anymore. So now they can build them up again.

  • StevePeeve
    StevePeeveMåned siden

    Spann just sitting there not moving get elbowed in the head, what a fucking tool This guy got lucky, he will get his lights shut out again very soon

  • T Blow_ Music
    T Blow_ MusicMåned siden

    Jonny got knocked out twice in that fight, so he should slow down on the hype

  • Carlos Rodrigues
    Carlos RodriguesMåned siden

    Dá uma segurada Jonny

  • Robert Bordevik
    Robert BordevikMåned siden

    To think i once thought this guy was a prospect to beat Jon Jones.. My god was i wrong. He had me going though.. Seemed real crazy’n wild.. That confidence can be really convincing sometimes. He is so far from Bones Jones level, we’re talking light years away. Not to be all negative but his ufc career will not last long. Good win though 🤷‍♂️

  • Rishabh Amber Gupta
    Rishabh Amber GuptaMåned siden

    Happy for you man for the win :)

  • 🌿Sophia🌸Azhiev🍃
    🌿Sophia🌸Azhiev🍃Måned siden

    Love this guy....so good😁

  • Luis Vega
    Luis VegaMåned siden

    1:47 is that fat wonderboy?

  • mark brown
    mark brownMåned siden

    he is a glass cannon. can dish it but cannot take it

  • Steven Howard
    Steven HowardMåned siden

    sorry but jonny bones would absolutely smoke walker..

  • Ker Chang
    Ker ChangMåned siden

    glass jaw

  • Mills Shumps
    Mills ShumpsMåned siden

    He should be nickname Johnny 'Cage' Walker. Reference to Mortal Kombat

  • Ja Da
    Ja DaMåned siden

    Nice shots to the back of the head

  • waterhot80
    waterhot80Måned siden

    Anyone know what Johnny Walker's walkout song was?

  • lester wormer
    lester wormerMåned siden

    He said i fixed everything.. well he was on the brink of defeat.

  • Channel Bang pon
    Channel Bang ponMåned siden

    👍👍👍👍 kerja yang bangun bos