UFC Vegas 11: Mackenzie Dern Interview after First Round Armbar


UFC strawweight Mackenzie Dern improved to 9-1 with an armbar submission win over Randa Markos in the first round at UFC Vegas 11 on Saturday night.
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  • A P
    A PDag siden

    She has stated that Portuguese has become her primary tongue, explaining that "my Dad and step Mom are both Brazilian. My boyfriend speaks Portuguese. I'm speaking Portuguese more than English. I still have lots of interactions in English of course. But I think in Portuguese, anything to do with fight is all in Portuguese in my mind, I dream in Portuguese."

  • Bus Blu
    Bus Blu4 dager siden

    There's no way I could ever learn to arm bar. Just thinking about the sensation of other person's elbow reaching maximum stretching, and I don't know start making noises makes me go back. I can't even twist a finger Who else is like me?

  • Hudson Hawk6
    Hudson Hawk610 dager siden

    Linguistic Psychopathy

  • Junfatboi
    Junfatboi13 dager siden

    Lol they even changed her flag to the Brazilian flag. Weird as fuck.

  • Gabriel Borges
    Gabriel Borges17 dager siden

    In Portuguese she doesn't have accent American

  • Jay Prescott
    Jay Prescott18 dager siden

    I swear to god everytime they ask the fighter to talk through the finish the UFC DOESNT SHOW THE FOOTAGE. Why even say that???

  • prepsforlifeZ
    prepsforlifeZ19 dager siden

    Yo shes trying so hard to keep that accent that she stutters lmfao

  • SammyNoNo
    SammyNoNo21 dag siden

    “I back. Trust me, I back.” -Mackenzie Dern

  • Stanley Thambu
    Stanley Thambu21 dag siden

    Does anyone think she looks like a female version of Brad Castleberry lol?

  • believe achieve
    believe achieve23 dager siden

    enough with the accent crap, she's a great fighter, very humble, and hot. are we here about fighting or what?!

  • Violence 32
    Violence 3224 dager siden

    Am someone that knows nothing about BJJ is she like the equivalent of a female Ryan Hall?

  • Mr. BooYa
    Mr. BooYa26 dager siden

    'White Girl "Wasted"

  • kevin084life
    kevin084life27 dager siden

    She's looking leaner man. Her team is really working her hard that's good.

  • skipney
    skipney27 dager siden

    As expected a bunch of Muricans, who don't speak a foreign language, dissing her as fake! Most of you either: - don't speak a foreign language - don't have many foreign friends - have never lived (not just visited) in a non-anglophone country My native language is french, however living in the states for so long, there are many times that I now pause when trying to recollect a word or avoiding to use an English word instead, when speaking french. I don't think I lost my accent and that's only because I have my brother I speak French on occasion. If a person lives in Brazil, only speaks to Brazilians, and doesn't watch English speaking media, there's no doubt that some aspect of their native English will go away. You guys are clueless for making fun of her. What's more, I haven't seen anyone provide even a single good reason why she'd fake her accent. If you guys lived outside of your bubble you'd know that speaking English is considered more prestigious than speaking other languages, as a foreigner. In other words, she'd have more reasons to fake speak perfect than to fake it. You guys are making fun of her but it's actually you who look foolish because it proves the stereotype that Americans live in a bubble, having no clue of international matters or culture.

  • Shaquando Biggums
    Shaquando Biggums28 dager siden

    at the rate that she’s going, she’ll be speaking chinese by 2021

  • Spell I CUP
    Spell I CUP29 dager siden

    She reminds me of those "This is my voice after 1 week n Brazil" videos but hers is just stuck on 2 weeks

  • Collin Hall
    Collin Hall29 dager siden

    You can tell she speaks in perfect English and intentionally messes up to sound like it’s a second language lmao. We all know.

  • Marc Conte
    Marc ConteMåned siden

    How tf does her accent just come and go and she thinks nothing of it

  • Cesar Huerta 1915
    Cesar Huerta 1915Måned siden

    She sounds like a real brazilian.

  • The SMR
    The SMRMåned siden

    people crying about her accent and making a big issue on something so trivial and not related to the fight in any way are just being silly. it's starting to feel like harassment at this point. ShE cAn'T tAlK lIkE tHiS!

  • SmegmaBukaki69
    SmegmaBukaki69Måned siden


  • philliesfan 34
    philliesfan 34Måned siden

    she goes from strong accent to no accent and strong accent again, just stop the fake Portuguese accent already

  • The Almighty Mr. Bennett
    The Almighty Mr. BennettMåned siden

    Dime piece

  • Brother Darkness Gaming
    Brother Darkness GamingMåned siden

    I dont know why people find it so hard to believe you can gain an accent by being around different people. Family members i had in chicago moved to Mississippi and got a southern accent in a few years, my white wife also speak with a little aave after a few short years, it happens just ask yourself why would she bother with being ridiculed. People said thug rose was faking the way she talks too when she definitely isnt

  • bob sapp
    bob sappMåned siden

    fake accent

  • Francisco On
    Francisco OnMåned siden

    Born in the U.S... Aye?

  • Adam Sniffing
    Adam SniffingMåned siden

    Yo has she had a personality change or been knocked to the head? Why/how as she all of sudden became Brazilian?😂

  • snuff411
    snuff411Måned siden

    Pro Skater Bob Burnquist was Born in Brazil and grew up in Rio and has no accent at all when he speaks English. Her speaking like this is just weird at this point considering she was born in the States.

  • Laxx Axal
    Laxx AxalMåned siden

    With everything going on in America I'd fake a accent too. Who tf would wanna be associated with that place bruh

  • Kingdom Citizenship
    Kingdom CitizenshipMåned siden

    I would love to see her be a champion

  • Michael Hill
    Michael HillMåned siden

    I can't imagine how her husband deals with her fake accent. It's psychotic.

  • Vik Thor-Ry
    Vik Thor-RyMåned siden

    I just can't.....I can't. The accent thing makes it a little hard to be a fan. At least to me. She's the UFC version of Rachel Dolezal.

  • Mike Green
    Mike GreenMåned siden

    Mackenzie Dern is the biggest Fraud I've ever known she was born and raised in Phoenix she speaks perfect english look up her old videos she talks perfect english

  • Brian Neary
    Brian NearyMåned siden


  • Maab Khalil
    Maab KhalilMåned siden

    “It’s normal, it’s normal. Come on guys. It’s normal” - Mackenzie Dern

  • Art Jimmerson
    Art JimmersonMåned siden

    Did anyone else realized that she got a breast reduction

  • Carmelo Incorvaia
    Carmelo IncorvaiaMåned siden

    Homie looking like sid from ice age

  • Adriano Silverio
    Adriano SilverioMåned siden

    I really can't understand why she's making this Brazilian accent. We have some Brazilian famous personalities like Morena Baccarin, Rodrigo Santoro, Gisele Bündchen that are extremely fluent in english but when they speak portuguese there is no american accent at all.

  • Kyle DL
    Kyle DLMåned siden

    Wow pretty much a 80% brazlilian accent now

  • Ajay Tek69ashi
    Ajay Tek69ashiMåned siden

    Shes top 3 hottest female UFC fighter.

  • Jan Jacobszoon
    Jan JacobszoonMåned siden

    Maybe too much head trauma from giving neck

  • Peter
    PeterMåned siden

    Looks like Mackenzie has given up the donuts.... Now its only the dodgy accent to go.... Looking good and kicking ass 👍😁

  • Shyqeri Rexhepi
    Shyqeri RexhepiMåned siden

    i think Yoel Romero enters her mouth with something...

  • Dionysus
    DionysusMåned siden

    Everyone knows that isn't her real accent, it's just wierd now.

  • Kermit Frog
    Kermit FrogMåned siden

    so weird. ew.

  • Sirenz80
    Sirenz80Måned siden

    She's fine AF who cares what her accent is at the moment lol

  • illskilled1
    illskilled1Måned siden

    Renato Laranja sounds more Brazilian than her.

  • Mike Daner
    Mike DanerMåned siden

    Her bio on Instagram says “Contato” in Portuguese for her contact info. That’s my favorite part

  • r 29
    r 29Måned siden

    God she sounds so stupid. does she really think shes fooling everyone with this fake favela accent

  • James Mathew Davies
    James Mathew DaviesMåned siden

    She looks like Chris Martin from Coldplay to me

  • mermerac
    mermeracMåned siden

    This girl was born and raised in USA. Noice accent m8.

  • Michael Pryor
    Michael PryorMåned siden

    Can we send her down to Rio to live in the favela?

  • Chugginmyestus
    ChugginmyestusMåned siden

    So many vids of her original accent, there's no way your accent can change that much from being abroad for a few years after reaching adulthood

  • Jerry G
    Jerry GMåned siden

    1:24 she speaks in her normal voice, by 1:32 she starts working the brazilian accent back in lol she is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Jerry G
    Jerry GMåned siden

    To all the morons defending this clown. You have no idea how accents work, I doubt any of you speak more than one language. DEVELOPING AN ACCENT DOESN'T MEAN YOU COMPLETELY FORGET HOW THE OTHER LANGUAGE WORKS. Not only is the accent fake, she is acting like she doesn't understand how the English language works anymore. This woman graduated high school in America. She is in her 20's and there are videos of her as an adult speaking clear English. And now she acts like she can't put a simple English sentence together. Forgetting how a language, you've known your entire life, works in just a few years and speaking with an accent are two totally different things. She's taking a fake accent to a whole different level.

  • GGed_
    GGed_Måned siden

    "i back" Mackenzie "split" Dern

  • Maytemb3r
    Maytemb3rMåned siden

    I knew the comments would not fail me 😂

  • Eric Houck
    Eric HouckMåned siden

    Early life. Of Brazilian descent, Dern was born in Arizona, the daughter of Wellington "Megaton" Dias, a highly decorated grappling competitor himself. As a child, she grew up travelling back and forth between Arizona and her father's native Brazil. Dern is fluent in English and Portuguese.

  • Hermmann Lopez
    Hermmann LopezMåned siden

    Everybody in the comments is a troll lol. She sounds normal and just picked up a few sayings from living in Brazil

  • kenjiniru1
    kenjiniru1Måned siden

    Annik should say why don’t you say a message to your fans in Portuguese and a see her reaction

    JKJJ BJJMåned siden

    You were Born in Glendale AZ, How are you from Brazil with your accent. There is video's of you talking normal, lots of them. Just stop it already.

  • Standingseam H
    Standingseam HMåned siden

    Glad to see her English is improving 🙌

  • MaxMortem
    MaxMortemMåned siden

    why is this girl speaking in broken english

  • All Truth
    All TruthMåned siden

    And the accent thickens

  • Tony Timonis
    Tony TimonisMåned siden

    Joey Diaz wants to smell my fart box - “Mackenzie Dern“

  • Ed Perkins
    Ed PerkinsMåned siden

    Lmao she does have a fake accent

  • Sacky Jeweiny
    Sacky JeweinyMåned siden

    Mackenzie with that heavy Arizona accent👀

  • Nassim safta
    Nassim saftaMåned siden

    her dads brazilian i have no idea why yall hating XDDDD

  • Cole VonCole
    Cole VonColeMåned siden

    Idk whats more embarrassing... This or usman speaking with a Nigerian accent?

  • Francisco Gonzales
    Francisco GonzalesMåned siden

    this is more cringe than triple C.

  • MegaElitePredator
    MegaElitePredatorMåned siden

    I was hoping to see that sexy dance again

  • HeavyHunter16
    HeavyHunter16Måned siden

    She has stated that Portuguese has become her primary tongue, explaining that "my Dad and step Mom are both Brazilian. My boyfriend speaks Portuguese. I'm speaking Portuguese more than English. I still have lots of interactions in English of course. But I think in Portuguese, anything to do with fight is all in Portuguese in my mind, I dream in Portuguese." - wikipedia

  • M DGAF
    M DGAFMåned siden

    The real story is the accent.

  • TheOtherDan
    TheOtherDanMåned siden

    This is appalling by the UFC. Get the poor woman a translator so she doesn't have to struggle like that!

  • Clinton Oh
    Clinton OhMåned siden

    bro she got some issues lmao

  • Método PSM - Tratamento Natural da Disfunção Erétil
    Método PSM - Tratamento Natural da Disfunção ErétilMåned siden

    I'm Brazilian So I can't talk about her American accent. But her Brazilian accent is perfect. She speaks Portuguese as if she were born in Brazil. She is recognized as a Brazilian anywhere in Brazil.

  • desaturated
    desaturatedMåned siden

    I scroll straight to the comment on her accent. not disappointed!

  • Paul Beadle
    Paul BeadleMåned siden

    I get it's a fight but the referee again in the other ladies fight was disgusting about time Dana or someone got a hold of them she was beaten you could see that but like anyone of us you don't give in yourself

  • Brian Palmer
    Brian PalmerMåned siden

    I minimized the screen and for a slight moment thought I heard GSP.

  • Boxing Baked
    Boxing BakedMåned siden

    Fairplay to Jon for not saying WHY ARE YOU PRETENDING?

  • Boxing Baked
    Boxing BakedMåned siden


  • Mark K
    Mark KMåned siden

    It is so ridiculous that she acts like she's a native Brazilian. What a clown.

  • Mark K

    Mark K

    23 dager siden

    believe achieve Go bother someone else, your moral exellence.

  • believe achieve

    believe achieve

    23 dager siden

    @Mark K clown is a bit harsh, don't you think

  • Mark K

    Mark K

    23 dager siden

    I'd never dispute that. What does that have to do with my comment *though* ?

  • believe achieve

    believe achieve

    23 dager siden

    great fighter tho, this is still about fighting tho isn't it!

  • Tyro Cyr
    Tyro CyrMåned siden

    Great win 💙

  • s rico
    s ricoMåned siden

    Derpy man face dern has a great submission game and a confused brain. DR better get him the facial reconstructivel surgery and tell him to stfu !!!LOL

  • Adam
    AdamMåned siden

    Sybil Schizophrenic~

  • Russel Keith
    Russel KeithMåned siden

    Thiago Alves speaks better English than her

  • Yassir Alarcon
    Yassir AlarconMåned siden

    All i have to say.... she's hot......

  • long ofthejon
    long ofthejonMåned siden

    She's hot as hell love the fake accent too makes it even hotter

  • Gerry Desjardins
    Gerry DesjardinsMåned siden

    Just shows you you can learn a Brazilian accent within 5 years

  • Brandon Garcia
    Brandon GarciaMåned siden

    UFC needs to get their production team together. When he says let’s watch back and see how you did it and all we see it’s hugging and congratulating that’s a problem. Get it together!!!!!

  • Ryan R. 815
    Ryan R. 815Måned siden

    Don’t let her fake dialect distract you from the fact that her child is white as snow and the “father” is dark as night.

  • Rick Robitaille
    Rick RobitailleMåned siden

    Anyone want to fight this next champ...might want to put that thought away...

  • nicotine addiction
    nicotine addictionMåned siden

    what a white name

  • Ball Juice Of Zeus
    Ball Juice Of ZeusMåned siden

    Her accent is thicker than that sweet ass

  • al becerra
    al becerraMåned siden

    She knows her names is Mackenzie right ...

  • Angel King
    Angel KingMåned siden

    Soon she’ll need an interpreter

  • Jacob Claudio
    Jacob ClaudioMåned siden

    Thats the problem with method actors , sometimes you forget who you are😂

  • huhhuhhuh
    huhhuhhuhMåned siden

    To be fair, she's not the only young person to fake an accent. Plenty of second generation children do it, as cringey as it is.

  • ShOwTiMe RiDeR GT
    ShOwTiMe RiDeR GTMåned siden

    She's hot

  • Robust Sauce
    Robust SauceMåned siden

    That thick Arizona accent is so difficult to understand sometimes