UFC Vegas 11: Post-fight Press Conference


Watch the UFC Vegas 11: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.
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  • dannyzee4
    dannyzee4Måned siden

    36:47 Colby gave Tyron genuine props, before insulting him again

  • jane s
    jane sMåned siden

    ufc reporter should not show any emotion towards political ideas.u should not be a journalist even if u go to school for that . show no emotions /talk about the fight. Do not go there just dont /u wanna be emotional go and report for vog!

  • Derek Pavey
    Derek PaveyMåned siden

    Niko Price Is a Tough Fighter he will totally Smoke Khamzat..........Period

  • Jose Arrocha
    Jose ArrochaMåned siden

    Covington is great fighter but a joke of a man. I can’t wait to see Usman finish this man again. The way he keeps bringing up LeBron James, he must want a boyfriend. This dudes fighting style alone would make anyone a fan but he makes himself a jackass and racist with the Ronald Chump shtick.

  • Rick Arra
    Rick ArraMåned siden

    Cowboy and Niko, nice people

  • laice34
    laice34Måned siden

    I don’t drink but... anything else

  • Quraan Johnson
    Quraan JohnsonMåned siden

    Colby not even nowhere close to or will even be near lebrons tax bracket so stfu

  • skyhawk747
    skyhawk747Måned siden

    Tyron has to throw the towel in on his career. His fights are so boring these days. Dana, please let the guy go!

  • Soulimen Boulakjar
    Soulimen BoulakjarMåned siden

    Colby is a racist he doesnt care about black people he cares about america that is fashism

  • serban Turbinca
    serban TurbincaMåned siden

    Colby Covington is super red pill ! Respect !

  • G-AME SPOT 17
    G-AME SPOT 17Måned siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/n4Omlc6xr2mdxaY IOJO

  • Tsvetan Marinkinski
    Tsvetan MarinkinskiMåned siden

    Wow,because of similar to Colby's speech, most people think fighting and being hit multiple times in the head does take quite an amount(thinking capacity) of your logic and knowledge on other than reflexes and fighting.

  • Robin Hood
    Robin HoodMåned siden

    How about someone starts taking points for eye-pokes? They've always been illegal and even pointing fingers has been illegal for years now... but with all the eye pokes we've seen, not one point has been taken away yet.

  • Tommy
    TommyMåned siden

    Everyone knows this whole covid thing is just to blame trump and lose him the election. Won't happen, but cowboy got it right. And people still actually think it's something so dangerous haha. Ridiculous

  • Jay Beam
    Jay BeamMåned siden

    Donald is the fucking man. Love this guy. I'll be sad to see him go. He's the reason I even got into MMA in the first place.

  • Joseph Shattuck
    Joseph ShattuckMåned siden

    I will moon walk out of here lmao

  • McFlySwatter
    McFlySwatterMåned siden

    They need to start testing Dana lol 💪

  • supernice_auto
    supernice_autoMåned siden

    Coby is a real one 💯

  • eldiego68
    eldiego68Måned siden

    U can’t defend the 1% of bad cops because they don’t represent all of them, and at the same time bash the 1% of protestors who loot and burn when they don’t represent their entire group either. And vice versa. People need to stop being fucking sheep and think for themselves. Equal rights for everyone. And ffs yes we do need cops, regardless of some of them are shit, it’s a slow process to make them better.

  • BenME207
    BenME207Måned siden

    Colby and Jorge It would be a good one. I bet Colby wouldn’t be as aggressive against Him though. Closer inline to Usman. Jorge has too 2-3 boxing skills in the UFC, quick and plays angles. Unless it turns into a wrestling match then it would be more one sided.

  • razzle dazzle
    razzle dazzleMåned siden

    Nikos a good lad

  • Lawson Shaw
    Lawson ShawMåned siden

    42:24 WTF hate this guy

  • David Swander
    David SwanderMåned siden

    Can we get a few more commercials on these videos? I feel like I’m not sick enough of the Black Eyed Peas yet.

  • Mystery Hombre
    Mystery HombreMåned siden

    "Communist" 😂

  • Ice Out
    Ice OutMåned siden

    “It’s a D and no one wants a D” Lmfao the meme maker

  • Martin Flanagan
    Martin FlanaganMåned siden

    I lost my respect for cowboy when he crashed out to mctapper hope he never wins a fight again

  • Pha Xiong
    Pha XiongMåned siden

    The Jones Reyes Ian situation feels like the GSP Hendricks Lawler situation. The champions Jones GSP beat the challengers Reyes Hendricks by decisions but people think the challengers won. The champions vacant the belts and moved up divisions. Two new strong contenders Ian Lawler arises to fight with the original challengers for the undisputed belts. This feels too similar.

  • Frodo H
    Frodo HMåned siden

    one word RESPECT

  • QuinnsChronicle
    QuinnsChronicleMåned siden

    Cowboy is spot on baby! Covid 1984 wake up sheeple!

  • Mariyan Peev
    Mariyan PeevMåned siden

    Multiple times these reports say “Hazmat”. It’s Khamzat. Not that difficult...

  • NastyPaul
    NastyPaulMåned siden

    So we're all bigots and racists if we actually agree with what Colby said?

  • Rich Golden
    Rich GoldenMåned siden

    how many ppv's you think Burns vs Usman would sell??? I'm saying it here first 7500 or less

  • Jerich0
    Jerich0Måned siden

    How STUPID IS COWBOY! 3 more no the then covid is gone And back to normal LMAO. This shit is lasting til 2021-2022, don’t expect no masks ANY timid soon.

  • Ess&Jay


    Måned siden

    Because Trumpy will make covid disappear LOL

    POWERMåned siden

    How the hell are these guys sports writers, some really stupid questions

  • Rafa Kops
    Rafa KopsMåned siden

    colbyyyyyyyyyyy 💙❤💙❤💙❤

  • Wayne Friedman
    Wayne FriedmanMåned siden

    Cowboy eventually came to the correct conclusion. Anyone that hates you for supporting Trump, is not worth 2 cents.

  • Nick Miles
    Nick MilesMåned siden

    How does Colby best usman? He didn’t hurt him with those little bunny punches

  • CFH
    CFHMåned siden

    Dern did not deserve a bonus.

  • Nick Miles
    Nick MilesMåned siden

    Cowboy is a moron

  • mike13899
    mike13899Måned siden

    Cowboy 👏❤️🇺🇸

  • Paintbender
    PaintbenderMåned siden

    The "Face push" is the eye poke culprit. If you can push off the face, you can punch! Get rid of the face push!

  • Jakub Průša
    Jakub PrůšaMåned siden

    Colby ...:D entertaining af... :D

  • Brandon
    BrandonMåned siden

    Colby is really acting good beating woodley he’s been done since usman beat him just stop talking Colby

  • Michael Holdstock
    Michael HoldstockMåned siden

    Donald is a morherfucking legend! I didn’t see the fight but Niko definitely talks like a legend! Love the respect from both guys ✌🏻

  • Colby Covington ROY Stipe Miocic JONES & Nate DIAZ
    Colby Covington ROY Stipe Miocic JONES & Nate DIAZMåned siden


  • Arel Sprite
    Arel SpriteMåned siden

    Colby for Governor!

  • The Big Fat Chat
    The Big Fat ChatMåned siden

    Did Colby get his smack talk from wish.com?

  • Heroic Miquio
    Heroic MiquioMåned siden

    Colby Covington? Just wait till alasania came to finish you on first round.. you are a Black people hate

  • Rickety Cricket13
    Rickety Cricket13Måned siden

    who the hell is burping during Colby's interview? lol wth...

  • Your Favorite Sociologist
    Your Favorite SociologistMåned siden

    Tyron vs Hamzat for the "Retirement for one or Title Shot for the other," bout!

  • Your Favorite Sociologist
    Your Favorite SociologistMåned siden

    Is it too flaky to ask for them to split the win bonus in a draw? Not in terms of a "participation trophy" but both did what they could not to lose - so shouldn't they each get half of what a win would be? Money is allocated to the match already - it is not like keeping that extra 50G's will effect the bottom line of the UFC.

  • Jason Nester
    Jason NesterMåned siden

    Cowboy is a great fighter no doubt Humble and classy But he needs to retire

  • WoeIsLee
    WoeIsLeeMåned siden

    Broom is dustin up Woodleys legacy, hes fading away quicker than Spiderman. Just keep preaching BLM, im sure everything will be fine for you. I mean honestly, who the hell wants to see him fight again? Probably the only guy who could save his career right now is a rematch with Maia. Lmfaoooooo Dudes easily the worst welterweight champ of all time, skill wise, personality wise, entertainment wise, literally fucking everything. He shoulda never been given a title shot in the first place, 1 tko and 1 split decision off a loss and he got it.

  • Liam F
    Liam FMåned siden

    This dude rlly said “I gtta get bck to the bedroom cardio”☠️😭 46:48

  • sweeter_science83 Franciotti
    sweeter_science83 FranciottiMåned siden

    Uncle Dana looking like a real life kingpin

  • Dominic 96
    Dominic 96Måned siden

    Before the fights I was saying Cowboy and Woodley need to hang it up. Glad Dana sees. It that way too

  • Viking Mma
    Viking MmaMåned siden

    Meanwhile tyron woodley is rapping in his honda

  • R M G
    R M GMåned siden

    Colby called Woodley a Marxist. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • - Aider
    - AiderMåned siden

    27:20 😂😂 Dana the man.......

  • Kenny Yuen
    Kenny YuenMåned siden

    Woodley: Boring Long MMA matters

  • Wayne Gale
    Wayne GaleMåned siden

    Cowboy takes way too much damage and takes too long to warm up and start throwing enough strikes. He needs to retire, he’s way past his prime and has been for a long time. The only reason Dana doesn’t cut him is that he’s always ready and willing to fight at a moments notice plus of his record and stats.

  • Shane Hayes
    Shane HayesMåned siden

    Dana "Where's my neck" White

  • Holes Vageeta
    Holes VageetaMåned siden

    Niko seems like he can be a star with his awesome attitude

  • Shane Hayes
    Shane HayesMåned siden

    Dana "hold my needle" White

  • Shane Hayes
    Shane HayesMåned siden

    Dana "TRT Vitor" White

  • Roy C
    Roy CMåned siden

    It's awesome that Colby is dropping the truth about BLM out there.

  • Lion Alexander
    Lion AlexanderMåned siden

    They call the BLM/Antifia woke so if that's the case and you beat him that bad I really want to shake your hand Coby.

  • Lion Alexander

    Lion Alexander

    Måned siden

    Yeah I should of waited he just confirmed. Thank you Coby I'm a huge fan anyways but more so now. Coby next Champ Champ.

  • super duper
    super duperMåned siden

    Cowboy would be great at a 165lbs weight class.

  • Jon bones Mahomes
    Jon bones MahomesMåned siden

    Dana says Woodley made money. Its not about what you make, its about what you save. Woodley said he was careless with money. All clear there, he is not gonna retire any soon. P. S. Colby usually talks shittt but all he said about Diaz is true. Diaz is done and Jorge only wants easy fight /great PPV,thatswhy he wants Diaz.

  • Jay Witt
    Jay WittMåned siden

    Colby is right about one thing: LeBron is a chump.

  • Elijah Deleon
    Elijah DeleonMåned siden

    I love Cowboy, absolute Legend! But hell, Nikos energy is contagious!!

  • Jap Joe m
    Jap Joe mMåned siden

    Cowboys one loss away from the title fight!

  • james turner
    james turnerMåned siden

    Dana White trt is a hell of a drug

  • David Vega
    David VegaMåned siden

    Dana on that TRT

  • Iben T. Rollin
    Iben T. RollinMåned siden

    Donald "The Axe Murderer" Cerrone

  • Anwar Ubermensch
    Anwar UbermenschMåned siden

    Man i felt so bad when he said my next fight will be for my job .

  • Just Kickz
    Just KickzMåned siden

    Once the election is over we'll be back to normal! Haha he knows.

  • booyaah82
    booyaah82Måned siden

    Cowboy said 'the day the election is over all the crowds will be back' so much truth to that statement

  • Joshua Whinery
    Joshua WhineryMåned siden

    Reporter: how did you come to the conclusion that Tyron is a communist? Colby: I don't know what communism means

  • Christian Morris
    Christian MorrisMåned siden

    24:09 lol is that Tony Hinchliffe?

  • Breland stewart
    Breland stewartMåned siden

    man I was a huge Colby fan, after he said black lives don’t matter it ended it for me.

  • Michael Boston
    Michael BostonMåned siden

    American!!! Nice you’re a legend

  • SWS-Vlogs
    SWS-VlogsMåned siden

    Donald thinks Covid is Fake news,

  • take the oath Wwg1wga
    take the oath Wwg1wgaMåned siden

    Yeah cowboy I love you even more now..Trump 2020

  • The Tekno Shah
    The Tekno ShahMåned siden

    Cowboys smart! This planDemic shit has got to be done people, THIS is just stupidity

  • DJ Philantropic Impulse
    DJ Philantropic ImpulseMåned siden

    6:15 i like this guy's personality and he is another cowboy cerone by that attitude mad respect to them both

  • Enemy
    EnemyMåned siden

    black ribs shatter

  • Weedy Guitar Studio
    Weedy Guitar StudioMåned siden

    Niko was so cool what great sportsmanship and yeah as we all know Cowboy is a Legend and HOF respect to both warriors 💪😎👏👏

  • My 11 Bad Kids
    My 11 Bad KidsMåned siden

    I understand now why we've never heard Nico Price interviewed.

  • tweety86
    tweety86Måned siden

    Cowboy is class personified! A true legend! And will kick you dead! Much love Cowboy!

  • Phone Phone
    Phone PhoneMåned siden

    Niko price cheated. As I held the pads for cerrone I Cleary seen Niko rubbing Butterfinger on his fingers. I have the evidence I collected from his corners trash can. #Butterfinger#cheat#draw

  • Soulware3D - Soulvex
    Soulware3D - SoulvexMåned siden

    Instant point deduction for eye poke, regardless of intention.

  • Soulware3D - Soulvex
    Soulware3D - SoulvexMåned siden

    Jessy Jess deserved a lil something! she hammered that poor girl..

  • Soulware3D - Soulvex
    Soulware3D - SoulvexMåned siden

    Niko looks like he was ran over lol.

  • America The Great
    America The GreatMåned siden

    Gotta love niko 👍

  • America The Great
    America The GreatMåned siden