UFC Vegas 11: Press Conference


Watch the UFC Vegas 11 Pre-fight Press Conference live from Las Vegas on Thursday.
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  • Adam Borzaev
    Adam Borzaev6 dager siden

    Borz 💪🐺

  • Raitis Liskauskis
    Raitis Liskauskis23 dager siden

    I'm khabib not khabib haha sorry I'm not khabib I'm khamzat my history is my history 😂

  • ammar saeed
    ammar saeedMåned siden

    Khamzat will become the biggest star in ufc very soon

  • J.o.e Official
    J.o.e OfficialMåned siden

    Ngl that john morgan dude has 4 chins

  • png
    pngMåned siden

    7:12 Oh boy was he wrong..

  • Saf
    SafMåned siden

    Conversation between Khamzat and Gerald Lasted More Than A Fight Inside The Octagon.

  • is roCkinWhuut
    is roCkinWhuutMåned siden

    Khamzat chimaev, the next ufc champion👆

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vootyMåned siden

    Khamzat “doesn’t matter” Chimaev

  • Jose Antony
    Jose AntonyMåned siden

    Cow boy is the Dexter Jackson of ufc

  • Dumitrescu Ionut Florin
    Dumitrescu Ionut FlorinMåned siden

    Who the fuck`s phone is buzzing?

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw butyMåned siden

    Khamzat “doesn’t matter” Chimaev

  • Jacob Whitney
    Jacob WhitneyMåned siden

    Khamzat: Wolves eat bogs brother you know that. Niko: Wolf? I am a wolf. Khamzat: You said you were dog. So funny as fuck 😂😂😂😂

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    Måned siden

    Hahaha clearly he did this to diminish tyrons silly BLM stunt.

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyuiMåned siden

    Damn johnnys English has improved by a lot. I’m impressed

  • Luka
    LukaMåned siden

    Bro i'm watching this after the event and gerald is a whole ass comedian in this bih lmao

  • ceerw buty

    ceerw buty

    Måned siden

    Colby and Tyron can’t be in the same room because black lives matter, and we make special arrangements for the special race.

  • Fake Steam
    Fake SteamMåned siden

    14:54 Welp ..

  • Bleismo
    BleismoMåned siden

    Gerald seems like a good guy. I feel so bad for him. 🙄 Got KOed in 17 seconds. 😐

  • Amir Warner
    Amir WarnerMåned siden

    There's been a champ champ at 125/135 135/145 145/155 and 205/225+. Khamzat could potentially be the first 170/185 double champ. I know gsp did it but his wasnt simultaneous.

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    Måned siden


  • Sufiyan Rakhange
    Sufiyan RakhangeMåned siden

    brother, smesh, anybody, everybody, money, kill, doesn't matter, like. any other word he says??

  • nitin cherry
    nitin cherryMåned siden

    I love Jonny Walker 👍

  • saigonbond
    saigonbondMåned siden

    Woodley is garbage

  • DeKarma Official
    DeKarma OfficialMåned siden

    Who is here after 17 seconds?👀🔥😎

  • John Brown
    John BrownMåned siden

    Bryan Cullan can use his boxing skills in prison.

  • El Presidente
    El PresidenteMåned siden

    Whos here after Khamzats vicious 13 second KO

  • Games Tech
    Games TechMåned siden

    RIP hulk joegan

  • Nicolas Della Scala
    Nicolas Della ScalaMåned siden

    Anderson changed his face

  • Justin Larmore
    Justin LarmoreMåned siden

    Hahaha clearly he did this to diminish tyrons silly BLM stunt.

  • Mohammad Khan
    Mohammad KhanMåned siden

    Good point I rather see all fighters press conference in one conference video.

  • masyulis18
    masyulis18Måned siden

    Khamzat is such a silly meathead

  • Thawalking4chan !

    Thawalking4chan !

    Måned siden

    🤣 Ko’d him in 17 seconds

  • Gajan O
    Gajan OMåned siden

    Colby and Tyron can’t be in the same room because black lives matter, and we make special arrangements for the special race.

  • The Homies
    The HomiesMåned siden

    Chimaev is desperately trying to calculate a way to fight everyone on stage at once

  • Nick Guerra
    Nick GuerraMåned siden


  • Vincent Sorel
    Vincent SorelMåned siden

    I think Colby was fighting Biden

  • icuattheboozer
    icuattheboozerMåned siden

    Nico v that Hamzshat I want

  • disfigured
    disfiguredMåned siden

    “The losses I’ve taken are against Justin Gaethje, Tony Ferguson” LMAO you took your greatest loss to Conor. Put some respect on his name

  • Эхо Чечни
    Эхо ЧечниMåned siden

    Хаизат Чимаев, бой nolocal.info/have/video/oIV9oZqeqYSZ14w

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel LopezMåned siden

    Nico unintentionally picked his next fight with khazmat.

  • Treats and Threads youtube
    Treats and Threads youtubeMåned siden

    Rest in Pieces Anyone

  • Shield Clips
    Shield ClipsMåned siden

    He’s so annoying

  • Scott Okaga
    Scott OkagaMåned siden

    niko price is the best

  • Bruno Pinheiro
    Bruno PinheiroMåned siden

    Woodley is a DISGUSTING COMMUNIST...

  • Василий Тужуркин
    Василий ТужуркинMåned siden

    Русские поставьте лайк, чтоб эти черти думали что мы о чем-то крутом 😅

  • Igor Roşca
    Igor RoşcaMåned siden

    Everyone: Khamzat The Schmo: Khazmat 😂

  • Igor Roşca
    Igor RoşcaMåned siden

    Here we can see Khamzat a hybrid of Khabib and Conor 😂

  • Suvrat Ankoti
    Suvrat AnkotiMåned siden

    Khamzat is growing on him, let him have these interviews 🙈😂🤩

  • Igor Roşca
    Igor RoşcaMåned siden

    John Morgan is the GOAT 😂☝️

  • kain kabil
    kain kabilMåned siden

    dana is at his bullshit comments rampage this week, first dustin didnt wanna fight bullshit, now colby and tyrone wouldnt be interesting in the press conference bullshit hats off to the reporter who had guts to ask this edit: hats off to the second reporter aint nobody wanna tell what they are sayin

  • M P
    M PMåned siden

    Khamzat vs Real Guy...Who you got???

  • jj ho
    jj hoMåned siden

    20 minutes to get a question for Johnny Walker..

  • Wolf Kreide
    Wolf KreideMåned siden

    all the time that dump fatass D. has to start with his stupid questions, a loser per se, like a 10 year old ..horrible personality,...shut up

  • aki root
    aki rootMåned siden

    khamzat is speaking round about 5-6 different languages. His opponent? Maybe 1..And still reminding khamzat to speak properly. Haha. What a moron.

  • Navid Ahmed
    Navid AhmedMåned siden

    Hazmat is unrealistically powerful dangerous trash talker

    CAMIOLOGY TVMåned siden

    Subscribe to my channel

  • Aris Risnandar
    Aris RisnandarMåned siden

    Not lie, Khamzat takes attention more

  • TheNatural1
    TheNatural1Måned siden

    Cerrone will be TKO'd within two minutes

  • Muzammal Riaz
    Muzammal RiazMåned siden

    Khamzat and Khabib is the reason why Asian people love this wonderful sport.....

  • Skulletor
    SkulletorMåned siden


  • Hearing Visions
    Hearing VisionsMåned siden

    why have this presser? pointless, isn't even a translator present let alone the two main event fighters.

  • Multi Ibrahim
    Multi IbrahimMåned siden

    Gerald is a really cool dude 😂 Sadly we’re gonna see him loses ..

  • tbrossable
    tbrossableMåned siden

    Can't believe Khamzat thought Kevin Holland was hotel staff and told him to go clean his room. If Khamzat had been American there'd be "outrage" right now with the full BLM fury.

  • seif seif

    seif seif

    Måned siden

    He knew who he was he said that because Kevin have cleaning business

  • Karabo Molele
    Karabo MoleleMåned siden

    Thank You Dana for THIS CONFERENCE I LOVED Khamzat “Hazmat Suit/Rat Lip” Chimaev. That's going to be fun.

  • Karma
    KarmaMåned siden

    So we don’t got a woodley Colby press conference?

  • Lara Ferreira
    Lara FerreiraMåned siden

    Khamzat is a smart guy

    NORUSMåned siden

    Johnny walkers English is amazing now

  • Darling Boy
    Darling BoyMåned siden

    Sucks to see all the allegations of Cowboy pull up. Hope it's all just a little more than it actually is

    КЪОМАН СИЙMåned siden

    Ждем зрелише

  • Abhijit Panda
    Abhijit PandaMåned siden

    what! the fat guy again? NO WAY.

  • QuiteDecent
    QuiteDecentMåned siden

    Nobody cares about the crowd not being there. Stop asking such pointless questions...

  • torontonacl
    torontonaclMåned siden

    Cerrone seems off, hopefully not cte

  • dannyzee4
    dannyzee4Måned siden


  • dannyzee4
    dannyzee4Måned siden

    I like Khamzat but he's being a dick here, immature whereas Gerald seems pretty friendly, cool and just says it how it is in response.

  • wan SABAH
    wan SABAHMåned siden

    Fck im scare looking khamzat.fck look like gangster...

  • demz nice
    demz niceMåned siden

    Brett akimoto is a smug boring prick... lol

  • dannyzee4
    dannyzee4Måned siden

    Khamzat like the cocky Khabib right now. Cool he said he doesn't like the comparison much and that he has his own story.

  • Joseph Benavides
    Joseph BenavidesMåned siden

    Where’s the other press conference?

  • Tchong Lee
    Tchong LeeMåned siden

    Khamza is a mean dude, I dont like that, this is not because you are super good that you have to be mean to your opponent.

  • PharmDwithLocs
    PharmDwithLocsMåned siden

    Dana being a bitch about Tyron n Colby not being there..he doesn’t want to speak the truth

  • Desire
    DesireMåned siden

    Khamzat realised the pr machine of ufc and he is using all the tactics to take all the focus on him. But khabib is a legend and much respectfull.

  • Emulation_Junkies
    Emulation_JunkiesMåned siden

    "I don't just smash people, So I get beat up sometimes."

  • Thistlessly
    ThistlesslyMåned siden

    Niko Price has the craziest mental game ever. Hearing him speak about how he fights, it's actually how he fights. A lot of fighters will pump themselves up as a real dog but crack easy under pressure. Co-main looking to be a BANGER

  • Alex D
    Alex DMåned siden

    "Why aren't they wearing masks??" bro they've all been tested daily

  • ethrh 46h56h5
    ethrh 46h56h5Måned siden

    This would've been one of the best press conferences if Colby and Tyrone were there

  • Shydn_Bords_
    Shydn_Bords_Måned siden

    He told Kevin Holland to clean his room! Bruh

  • D. Roman
    D. RomanMåned siden

    Is it just me or is the new kid Khamzat kind of make you want to see him get his butt kicked?

  • ethrh 46h56h5
    ethrh 46h56h5Måned siden

    Damn, Dana calls almost Every fighter a kid hahaha gotta love dana

  • ethrh 46h56h5
    ethrh 46h56h5Måned siden

    Man Khamzat sounds too disrespectful now. His fights are super interesting and I believed him when he said he will beat many fighters but his attitude in this conference is way too cocky. Reminds me of Conor

  • JC
    JCMåned siden

    Khamzat is already getting super annoying. He needs humbling.

  • Neil Murray
    Neil MurrayMåned siden

    Yo, Ryan Spann is underrated for real. I think he takes the W Saturday. He has got loads of potential.

    MOSS. RANDY MOSSMåned siden

    Khamzat a.k.a. CuM shot is taking to much of Khabib persona he is uses Khabibs "Smash this guy" to much 🙄

    MOSS. RANDY MOSSMåned siden

    6:17 john DOUBLE WHOPPER morgan 😁

  • Nicholas Gnaegi
    Nicholas GnaegiMåned siden

    Khamzat ready to take on that whole panel

  • Carlos Castillo
    Carlos CastilloMåned siden

    “Would you like to be compared to khabib?? Khamzet: “I am khabib” 🤣🤣

  • Andres Ludmer
    Andres LudmerMåned siden

    is the fat guy reporter dana's relative or what? why on earth does he always start?

  • Full camp Oezdemir
    Full camp OezdemirMåned siden

    Good thing Woodley wasnt here. At least coul dhave brought Colby out.

    VIRUSMåned siden

    White looks pretty fukin big... lol.. TRT?

  • Nick Makris
    Nick MakrisMåned siden

    Bobby Greene responds to Tyrone Woodless BLM Rant nolocal.info/have/video/d5uXg5ps2XytqKo

  • BAims
    BAimsMåned siden

    O man how cheesy where these goons. Dana did this to give his slaves some practice! They all Were very corny on the mic.

  • Walter Kai Yuen Pang
    Walter Kai Yuen PangMåned siden

    Just say his name Dana ....it's ok, you making it look worse for yourself..... you can do it ..... Gerald !!! ✊

  • RPG 7
    RPG 7Måned siden

    Chechen big mouth

  • warren Kay
    warren KayMåned siden

    What's with the foreign bullshit. Dana you dick sort it out

  • Susant Bista
    Susant BistaMåned siden

    Good to see journalists.