UFC Vegas 11: Weigh-in Faceoffs


UFC welterweight headliners Colby Covington and Tyron Woodley faced off after weighing on Friday morning with the rest of the fighters competing at UFC Vegas 11.
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  • Zack Johnson
    Zack Johnson27 dager siden

    It’s wholesome when the people about to beat the living shit out of each other do a handshake of respect beforehand

  • Guess Who
    Guess WhoMåned siden

    I just noticed this but Cowboy looks dehydrated af


    tyron "race card" woodboy

  • cesar V.M.
    cesar V.M.Måned siden

    When they fight?

  • Jason Me
    Jason MeMåned siden

    Woodley is going to smash Colby

  • Brett F
    Brett FMåned siden

    Caution to the wind now but later the face diapers come off!

  • Chris Stevenson
    Chris StevensonMåned siden

    Thank you Colby for smashing his punk ass.

  • 27 TNEGA
    27 TNEGAMåned siden

    At least cerrone is not a maskhole/covidiot

  • Charles White
    Charles WhiteMåned siden

    Covington waxed T ass. Retire

  • А С
    А СMåned siden


  • А С
    А СMåned siden

    Норм реклама масок..жесть, а они одну и туже пару одевают?? Хоть бы один в противогазе вышел.

  • christian castellanos
    christian castellanosMåned siden

    I swear to god i only watch the weigh ins just to see dana white’s reaction 😭😂

  • nizamm
    nizammMåned siden


  • Joey Jones
    Joey JonesMåned siden

    I like how they're wearing masks but Dana isn't lol. Are they gonna fight with the masks on? I hope they talk in the Bane voice lol. Legalize being black? Boo fuckin hoo, don't blame others for your own insecurities.

  • Sick Game Squad
    Sick Game SquadMåned siden

    "White privilege broke my ribs!" -Tyron "3 fight losing streak" Woodley

  • Idiotic Tirades
    Idiotic TiradesMåned siden

    Go woke, get your ribs broke.

  • customvideo454
    customvideo454Måned siden

    Americans will face head on, and defeat the racist hate group known as BLM.

  • Madlib Beats
    Madlib BeatsMåned siden

    Little did he know he was going to pop a McRib

  • Stmr
    StmrMåned siden


  • colm brock
    colm brockMåned siden

    Black eyes matter & Rib's! oh oh my rib,'s back to rapping black rappers matter! 😎👍

  • Doug Witherby
    Doug WitherbyMåned siden

    They did, its called welfare...

  • Jerry
    JerryMåned siden


  • 🌿Sophia🌸Azhiev🍃
    🌿Sophia🌸Azhiev🍃Måned siden

    ▶️Tyrone's shirt: legalize victimhood 🤫◀️

  • AA Sharp
    AA SharpMåned siden

    Woodley “I can’t breathe” 😂

  • D Legionnaire
    D LegionnaireMåned siden


  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar LothbrokMåned siden

    Go Colby

  • Scott
    ScottMåned siden

    Racist beats peaceful protest burning buildings.

  • Iceman Hunter
    Iceman HunterMåned siden

    Tyquill is the biggest bitch in mma, poor me black guy, the white has held me down....Colby making him quit is the pre show to the election, watching all these libturds cry, can't wait...

  • Daniel Balter
    Daniel BalterMåned siden

    Why are they wearing masks when they have their hands all over each other with hugs and pats and handshakes? Dummies.

  • Mr B1uSky
    Mr B1uSkyMåned siden

    I love seeing good sportsmanship

  • klarens000
    klarens000Måned siden

    Woodley is so overwhelmingly limited in and out of octagon that it becomes impossible to root for him... in and out of octagon...

  • Flipx
    FlipxMåned siden

    Broking jaw Covington vs Tyron the frozen one Woodly what a boring fight that was... the frozen one needs to retire ASAP!

  • Dottor Cisafrulli
    Dottor CisafrulliMåned siden

    Tyron looks like he just ended to loot a store

  • Макс Устинов
    Макс УстиновMåned siden

    👍👍👍Привет всем из России!!!

  • Imran Tazim
    Imran TazimMåned siden

    Tyron Woodley is past he's best sadly, he was one of the best fighters out there however its time for retirement.

  • Attack Button Gaming
    Attack Button GamingMåned siden

    MAGA beats BLM

  • Ross Bb
    Ross BbMåned siden

    Tyrone woodley to his local police station- “I want to report a racist attack”

  • Ghost of Reagan
    Ghost of ReaganMåned siden

    Why are they wearing mask AND hugging each other? Our response to covid is RETARDED

  • Lbolting005
    Lbolting005Måned siden

    Woodley really wore the BLM thing, wow, what an idiot

  • 1InvisionProductions
    1InvisionProductionsMåned siden

    Woodley's #1 rap single... "I Took a Systemic Beat-Down"... Written by Donald Trump and Colby Covington.

  • King Tshilobo
    King TshiloboMåned siden

    Woodley needs to retire. He’s done

  • not_james_bond
    not_james_bondMåned siden

    Who is here after colby rib in peace woodly

  • TeamRaptor
    TeamRaptorMåned siden

    Tyron "there better be riots if i lose" Woodley.

  • Alana Corbella
    Alana CorbellaMåned siden

    Any & all respect for Tyron is out the window after his continuing to support the domestic terrorists of blm murduring American citizens & destroying/burning down impoverished minority businesses & communities, setting them back 30 years over provably JUSTIFIED police shootings of sexual predators, drug dealers & violent criminals. Absolutely disgraceful

  • Cole V
    Cole VMåned siden

    Wtf is the point in wearing a mask for a face off but they're gonna be sweating, punching, kicking, grabbing all over each other during the fight?

  • BTMaverick707
    BTMaverick707Måned siden

    And...... Woodley should retire

  • John Davis
    John DavisMåned siden

    Covington wins

  • Eric Hammer
    Eric HammerMåned siden

    Yeah, let's wear masks and then proceed to shake hands lol....so stupid.

  • Devin Walsh
    Devin WalshMåned siden


  • Brian Lohse
    Brian LohseMåned siden

    Kick his Ass Colby

  • Kung-Fu Kenny Family
    Kung-Fu Kenny FamilyMåned siden

    Who's else here after watching the fights??? Colby deserves to fight for the title again , he's the truth man💯💪

  • moh Odeh
    moh OdehMåned siden

    Tyrone is an idiot .. that's his main problem

  • jrevolution
    jrevolutionMåned siden

    Tyron "Suppressed" Woodley lol..😎

  • saigonbond
    saigonbondMåned siden

    Woodley is garbage

  • GoEddyGO
    GoEddyGOMåned siden

    They’re wearing masks just to bleed & sweat 🩸 on each other in the ring 🤔

  • B
    BMåned siden

    Woodley ain’t going to do shit . All bark ! He’s boring and lost like 4 fights in a row

  • Matt
    MattMåned siden

    F**** Woodley bringing that BS into MMA what a joke

  • Reesey Trapgod2018
    Reesey Trapgod2018Måned siden

    Gerald got slept in 17 seconds lol

  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron BrownMåned siden

    Woodleys shirt and head band are stupid as shit

  • True English Patriot
    True English PatriotMåned siden

    Tyrone such a clown bet he marches with the 2.0 kkk blm

  • D D
    D DMåned siden

    Of course woodley is aloud to promote racism on tv.

  • Matthew Westbrook
    Matthew WestbrookMåned siden

    Colby "MAGA" Covington vs Tyrone "BLM" Woodly. Ah 2020 what a year this is turning out to be, might as well throw some gasoline on that fire.

  • SUGE WHITE Jacoby
    SUGE WHITE JacobyMåned siden


  • jserrato714
    jserrato714Måned siden

    Triple C all day!

  • music fan
    music fanMåned siden

    trumpet dana white and trumpet colby covington Finally made up it seems, lol.

  • The Last True Patriot 69
    The Last True Patriot 69Måned siden

    I hope woodly gets his ass beat

  • zoren mataro
    zoren mataroMåned siden

    Tyron “Super WOKE” Woodley

  • drewzm
    drewzmMåned siden

    Is it me or did they not really promote this fight all that much? These two do not like each other, that much I know

  • wyatt hart
    wyatt hartMåned siden

    Nah bro no titles on the line best 2 middleweight and best 2 light heavyweight on ufc 253

  • Mike McCartney
    Mike McCartneyMåned siden

    MAGA vs BLM showdown


    Someone needs to let Woodley know its legal to be black he must have been hit in the head to many times

  • K1NG_0fTheS0uth-
    K1NG_0fTheS0uth-Måned siden

    Colby has a head like a pez dispenser 🤔

  • M Kinkade
    M KinkadeMåned siden

    I’ve lost total respect for Woodley, his interview where he answered every question “black lives matter” was embarrassing.

  • Zachary Grosser
    Zachary GrosserMåned siden

    Man USADA making SURE everyone’s off the juice, huh? where did everyone’s physique go?😅😂

  • Senor Grav
    Senor GravMåned siden

    Woodley deserves to get his shit pressed

  • god
    godMåned siden

    fighters are a bit too friendly, push either or something

  • Jaco Anono
    Jaco AnonoMåned siden

    Its a dream of a lot of Americans right now to be in a cage with a blm supporter. Covington is going to kill him. Its a smart play by Woodley though... if anything can break covington demeanor its blm garbage.

  • the batman apprentice
    the batman apprenticeMåned siden

    Got damn Colby in good shape

  • Monztuh Angel
    Monztuh AngelMåned siden

    I hope Johnny walker brings it this time. Hate seeing him when he lost to that one other dude he looked confused when he came up

  • Brad Pitt
    Brad PittMåned siden

    DEjvid DEvorak!!! (David Dvořák) for The win !

  • Kevin Ogilvie
    Kevin OgilvieMåned siden

    Is it just me or are these T-shirt statements and shit getting boring. We all support but fuck me going over the top now .

  • Mikey Teflo
    Mikey TefloMåned siden

    I’m rooting for Colby, with that said... I’m a bit worried he’s gonna get clipped. He can be extremely reckless when moving in for the kill sometimes, he tends to put his head down while swinging for the fences at dudes faces and usually always gets hit a few times himself. He needs to be careful with this, it only takes One from Woodley, Colby needs to be a bit more aware and keep his head up in this one while in attack mode, much more so then any if his previous fights.

  • Dale wilson
    Dale wilsonMåned siden

    Respect to cowboy, colby and Woodley for not wearing a stupid pointless mask.

  • Cedric Walker
    Cedric WalkerMåned siden

    Woodley in his marxist getup and has no idea... ignorant fool. Enjoy the beatdown

  • 20GRIZZ20
    20GRIZZ20Måned siden

    This is hands down the best ESPN card the UFC has ever done. I’ve got Colby all day, won’t even be close.

  • DoubleM-K Gaming
    DoubleM-K GamingMåned siden

    Woodley has been going downhill in the UFC, i expect him to lose again... Too bad, bcz i like to see Colby lose..

  • Mike Lowry
    Mike LowryMåned siden

    Dana White at 1:29

  • Itachi San
    Itachi SanMåned siden

    Chimaev's stare downs are perfect. He keeps on staring till his opponents look away

  • Mike L
    Mike LMåned siden

    Niko price is like sean o'Malley's big brother haha

  • Joanna Gajewska
    Joanna GajewskaMåned siden

    Let's go Colby! BLM IS BS! GO TRUMP! Never bend the knee! MAN IM OUT! -JERICHO GREENE

  • pavel adrian
    pavel adrianMåned siden

    Colby is a rasist? Just asking for a friend...

  • HowlBeast
    HowlBeastMåned siden


  • Ken Nike
    Ken NikeMåned siden

    KAMARU'S LEFT OVERS 🤭..hope is worth the streaming data.. Has Beens

  • just laugh
    just laughMåned siden

    Khamzat is the best entertainer fighter undisputed undefeated in the multiuniverses of all times and before the time before the bigbang

  • Dialing Comic
    Dialing ComicMåned siden

    Covington wins by 4th round tko (Don’t come for me)

  • QuiteDecent
    QuiteDecentMåned siden

    Such little promotion for this card...

  • Ragnar 05
    Ragnar 05Måned siden

    Legalise being black ????wtf dude 😂😂😂 😂

  • Orange Sloth
    Orange SlothMåned siden

    You know you're doing something wrong when more people are rooting for Colby lol #alllivesmatter go Colby!

    WESTCOAST CALIMåned siden

    Woodley is so FAKE! 🖕🏻him