UFC Vegas 9: Alistair Overeem Post-fight Press Conference


Watch Alistair Overeem's UFC Vegas 9 post-fight press conference after his fifth round knockout victory on Saturday night.
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  • Killer Boy
    Killer Boy24 dager siden

    Overeem wont get a title shot actually !!!! I mean who is he gonna beat ??? Ngannou ?? Lewis??? Blaydes??? Certainly not *stipe* 😎😎

  • Mixed YT

    Mixed YT

    20 dager siden

    he can

  • El Tigre
    El TigreMåned siden

    Overeem is legend 40 years old and still kicking ass, hope he retires as a champion🙏🙏

  • locking paul
    locking paulMåned siden

    this division needs 1 guy with a crazy gas tank and hell dominate the division.

  • Damir Radulovic
    Damir RadulovicMåned siden

    Yes... He have big heart...

  • Lunna Elizaa
    Lunna ElizaaMåned siden

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  • ShezzaBoyy
    ShezzaBoyyMåned siden

    Ngl overeem is the only guy to have a phase every 4 years of his career😂😂😂fkin loves him

  • Exosus
    ExosusMåned siden

    So where are all the other interviews??

  • Marky Sparky
    Marky SparkyMåned siden


  • Obese Feminist
    Obese FeministMåned siden

    If reem gets wins of rosenstruik and lewis hopefully dana gives him a title shot as a fairwell. Congrats reem legend

  • al barky UFC win
    al barky UFC winMåned siden

    Overeem has a good 7-8 yrs. In him to fight at this level. Absolutely magnificent 💪🤙

  • al barky UFC win

    al barky UFC win

    20 dager siden

    If he continues like this, he shouldn't have a problem going till hes 48

  • Mixed YT

    Mixed YT

    20 dager siden

    he 40

  • Armando Q
    Armando QMåned siden

    One of my favorite fighters of ALL TIME! The "Reem"...

  • 100K Subscribers With 1 FUNNY Video Challenge
    100K Subscribers With 1 FUNNY Video ChallengeMåned siden

    It's weird how most of us living on Earth will never meet or even acknowledge each other's existence. For example, if you're reading my comment; this is probably the first and last time you'll ever see me!!.

  • Luis NgchongJrArt
    Luis NgchongJrArtMåned siden

    *congrats to all😀*

  • Michael Spikes
    Michael SpikesMåned siden

    I wanna see overeen vs hardy next

  • Cain Bradley
    Cain BradleyMåned siden

    He sounds exactly like Germaine de Randamie lol

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek SinghMåned siden

    I love this guy

  • Jana Mma
    Jana MmaMåned siden

    “KO artist overeem”

  • Abhishek Baggar
    Abhishek BaggarMåned siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/jJOqgKaysaKWlYg Conor vs khabib again scheduled on 10th December

  • Syed Ali
    Syed AliMåned siden


  • 786 body fitness
    786 body fitnessMåned siden

    786 body fitness aapko thank you kahta hun bahut acchi fight hai

  • Ricardo Marone
    Ricardo MaroneMåned siden

    Overeem doesn't have a scratch on his face......

  • tminus543
    tminus543Måned siden

    WTF.... did Sakai evennpunched him once?? No damage

  • Hugh Rafferty
    Hugh RaffertyMåned siden

    What a legend . Love the way he gets on

  • 친절한 전사
    친절한 전사Måned siden

    Never says no to anyone geleficiteerd alistair the original lekker man !

  • Zerf
    ZerfMåned siden

    Love to have you in Croatia!

  • Tariq Ketwaru
    Tariq KetwaruMåned siden

    Lekker pik!

  • Aris Ege
    Aris EgeMåned siden

    Hey guys it would be cool if you would have short look on my videos, if not you’re welcome too

  • Prime Merlinean
    Prime MerlineanMåned siden

    "Overeem is the type of Uncle who destroys all his nephew's bully then eats an ice cream at the playground together with his nephew after a brawl."

  • master bait
    master baitMåned siden

    *I want to see him retires as a ufc champion a legend of the sport that he is RESPECT!!!*

  • Nick Kelly
    Nick KellyMåned siden

    Overreem is the man!

  • ufc morocco
    ufc moroccoMåned siden


  • Ric F
    Ric FMåned siden

    Loved seeing him do that facetime call at the start. Real dude, legend.

  • Tony F
    Tony FMåned siden


  • Jack the Dipper
    Jack the DipperMåned siden

    When are we gonna see the 2 giants? Overeem vs. Verhoeven?

  • Robby T
    Robby TMåned siden

    I've been kind of surprised by how well his opponents take his punches but take so much damage on the ground. Why is that?

  • Bud The Chud
    Bud The ChudMåned siden

    Lewis needs to be taught some respect

  • Bud The Chud
    Bud The ChudMåned siden

    A legends bout of Overeem vs Fedor in Japan would be a good idea

  • cloudtx
    cloudtxMåned siden

    I'm new to the sport and loved this fight. I was cheering for him since he seems to have an extensive record and he didn't let me down. What a win! I wanna see Overeem get to Stipe!

  • Cheese Stick
    Cheese StickMåned siden

    this dude is the fuckin hulk my god

    3 OF A KIND HACEESAMåned siden

    HELL YEAH BROTHA 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Maha Yoddha
    Maha YoddhaMåned siden

    If reem wins the title it would be dream come true just like Cormier's double champ 😇😍😍😇

  • john smoot
    john smootMåned siden

    Magny vs Chimaev

  • Daniel Dimino
    Daniel DiminoMåned siden

    The Reem job won another one ....I been watching Reemjob beat people up since the old pride days....shout out to the Reemjob .....he's bad ass even at like 50 lol

  • Trevor Harrington
    Trevor HarringtonMåned siden

    Overeem really just clicked at him


    Man he's 40 and still smashing opponents Overeem will end up as a mma legend in the books And checkout my channel I've posted a video I want to know what you people think about it

  • WMwestcoast 1980
    WMwestcoast 1980Måned siden

    If Overeem use his wrestling as his primary he would've been champion

  • Илья Яковлев
    Илья ЯковлевMåned siden

    Совсем обленились, кто там- Давид переводом занимался

  • John Martin
    John MartinMåned siden

    I would love to see Overeem ground and pound Jon Jones

  • Ricky Reets
    Ricky ReetsMåned siden

    Overeem was lookin more saucy and thiccc this fight must be back on those tainted supplements. Not a flabby as his last few fights but not as jacked as Ubereem. You can tell he's on something just by looking at his face gainz he's got those fat TRT cheeks again.

  • Eric Stuff
    Eric StuffMåned siden

    It would be nice to see Reem add UFC gold to his trophy case.

  • J M
    J MMåned siden

    Love overeem but can’t see Curtis destroying Lewis

  • Igor Ramos
    Igor RamosMåned siden

    Lewis v Overeem would make sense.

  • godking H
    godking HMåned siden

    damn overeem is a true warrior looking at all of his battle scars quite literally, and such a nice guy too.. i will always like overeem as a fighter and person

  • Greg Brady
    Greg BradyMåned siden

    I'm thinking MID MAY

  • Drazen Stefanovic
    Drazen StefanovicMåned siden

    He found some good juice

  • FekkinGoober
    FekkinGooberMåned siden


  • Mark Rafferty
    Mark RaffertyMåned siden

    They just ask the same questions with different words what shocking press

  • adamin biri agiziyla ucak
    adamin biri agiziyla ucakMåned siden

    Rozenstruick is crap

  • Jay Dee
    Jay DeeMåned siden

    Never seen a boring fight in the ufc with the Reem. Only time I didnt want him to win was with Lesnar but I changed my view on that lol.. that said saiki needs ground work but was clearly BLASTED in terms of how tired he was. He had nothing left. Reem played it really smart and even took some good shots when he was curling up to block. Persevered though. Those ground shots seem bone breaking.

  • Jake Doh
    Jake DohMåned siden

    "You can't take a break of 2-3 years and come back" ... ya unless you're GSP the GOAT

  • Alex Faulkner
    Alex FaulknerMåned siden

    Anyone notice how sick he seemed

  • Keith James
    Keith JamesMåned siden

    Man, his arms are bigger than my legs...

  • FALL Off The DEEP End
    FALL Off The DEEP EndMåned siden

    Is Overeem a reptilian shapeshifter? ( @ 32 sec) 🤔

  • DNA N
    DNA NMåned siden

    This guy is still beating guys in 2020 at age 40 and has been ko'd and hit in the head and dropped so many times since he was like 20 ish. incredible that he's even alive and able to speak well

  • Lucas Rizzuto
    Lucas RizzutoMåned siden

    I love how now people are like "I love Overeem, true warrior, comes back up no matter how hard he falls" but back then people were constantly calling him "Overoid" and such things because of steroids. Glad he now gets the respect he deserves.

  • darko1601
    darko1601Måned siden

    just pure legend

  • Walker Meiner
    Walker MeinerMåned siden

    I’ll forever miss horse meat Overeem but I love this version as well. Hope he can get another shot before he calls it a career

  • Zǐ lóng
    Zǐ lóngMåned siden

    Hopefully Overeem doesn't rush back too soon. Wait how things play out with other fights. He's 2 fights away from another titleshot.

  • Benjamin Polska
    Benjamin PolskaMåned siden

    Derrick Lewis is just a shit act and a one dimensional fighter while Overeem is a class act and really one of the Top 5 heavyweights of all time

  • Douglas Bailly
    Douglas BaillyMåned siden

    Reem: I love the game. I guess I'm good at it. Yes, I guess you are

  • Neil Buckard
    Neil BuckardMåned siden

    Prey tell me why overeem didnt get a bonus for a awesome display at 40yrs of age shows yet again dana white sucks give the man a bonus ffs he deserved it dana

  • IKhan
    IKhanMåned siden

    Overeem is a titan. Always puts on a good show and his calm approach to a fight shows his experience.

  • DixieHighway 10, 10, 10's
    DixieHighway 10, 10, 10'sMåned siden

    Let the man juice again. He's earned it

  • DixieHighway 10, 10, 10's
    DixieHighway 10, 10, 10'sMåned siden

    Crazy has he has 4 wins in 4 different decades

  • Kaodon Gola
    Kaodon GolaMåned siden

    This guy fights like every month and he is 40+ you just have to respect this guy

  • Laurent Bebo'o
    Laurent Bebo'oMåned siden

    C'est homme à une puissance extraordinaire il as les bras solide

  • Drecks system
    Drecks systemMåned siden

    Best striker in the world

  • KH1 KrylonHomegirl
    KH1 KrylonHomegirlMåned siden

    Brock vs Overeem 2

  • IamJ007
    IamJ007Måned siden

    He is a treasure to MMA. Such an High fight IQ and implementation of skills. The heart and passion this man loves the game.

  • Cory Paul
    Cory PaulMåned siden

    I'm 44 and I wish Alistair was muh dad...

  • raphshady
    raphshadyMåned siden

    If Hendo who was outside top 10 and got a title shot before retiring then Alistair should get one too.

  • Cory Paul
    Cory PaulMåned siden

    Derb Hean with another great stoppage... except no...

  • Drae Love
    Drae LoveMåned siden

    Always a fan of the reem, humble in defeat and loss..

  • Granulated
    GranulatedMåned siden

    Excellent G&P last night

  • brooksrex
    brooksrexMåned siden

    Some disrespectful ass journalists. He just starched some dude way younger than him and all they can ask him about is retiring. pathetic

  • Adis Nukic
    Adis NukicMåned siden

    congrats. jon jones or rakic next for him to fight. whlle we wait for stipe vs francis.

    LEE BRANDONMåned siden

    this guy is the man. so good on the mic to and humble.

  • RD Gaming
    RD GamingMåned siden

    “Been fighting for 23 years, I guess I’m good at it” 😆 love his dry wit

  • RD Gaming
    RD GamingMåned siden

    His strategy was well executed.. didn’t push it to hard in the first couple rounds. Let his opponent lose some steam, landed some brutal knees to the body. Nasty ground and pound, let’s get overeem a rematch against stipe. Let’s get this UFC Heavyweight belt and end on top of the game.

  • Stampatron
    StampatronMåned siden

    Found myself wanting some delicious horse beef after watching that performance.

  • locking paul
    locking paulMåned siden

    As long as his coaches keep him in super shape...he’s gonna take that belt!! Nganou can’t wrestle. If they put together great camps and game plans overe will take that belt!! The beast! Demolition.

  • Sandijs Visnakovs
    Sandijs VisnakovsMåned siden

    Such a cool dude!!

  • Christian McDonald
    Christian McDonaldMåned siden


  • Eddie Suarez
    Eddie SuarezMåned siden

    Brock deserves a rematch now that hes healthy

  • Monir Hossain
    Monir HossainMåned siden

    www.monir-75.com UFC Fight Night: Overeem vs. Sakai here: Information: Promotion:Ultimate Fighting Championship Date:Sun, Sep 6 / 4:00 AM +06 Venue:UFC APEX City:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

  • Ragnar Már
    Ragnar MárMåned siden

    I miss Dana

  • HAARP On This
    HAARP On ThisMåned siden

    Reem got some sniffles and coughing going on. Hope he's ok.

  • Gladhe
    GladheMåned siden

    He’s gotta stop dodging Lobov to earn my respekt!

  • FALL Off The DEEP End

    FALL Off The DEEP End

    Måned siden

    Lobov, Andy Wang and then Junie Browning....😂

  • Menacexp
    MenacexpMåned siden

    10:04 "not Las Vegas?" comment made me laugh

  • Ethan Holub
    Ethan HolubMåned siden

    “I love the game, and I guess I’m pretty good at it” says one of the winningest heavyweights ever...how can you not love the guy