Warrior Code: Israel Adesanya


UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya shares his thoughts on confidence, pain, expecting to finish fights and more. Order now: bit.ly/2vNIBE8 (U.S. only)
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  • Conner
    Conner21 dag siden


  • Sparssh Singh
    Sparssh Singh23 dager siden

    Big up coach sunz

  • Dennis Künstler
    Dennis Künstler25 dager siden

    My Idol 🇩🇪🇳🇬He IS THE ONLY ONE 💯👑The Legend of UFC with Anderson Silva 🖤♥️👍🏿👍🏽

  • stephen gyamfi
    stephen gyamfi29 dager siden

    I feel great about my genius fearsome West Africa lion 🦁🦁🦁 Israel and he has deal with every prey that stands his ways. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎊👏🎊🎉 brother 💞 and I am proud of you. King of the octagon continue rules and silence any trash talker's and let them feels the heat.

  • dan o brien
    dan o brienMåned siden

    An Inspiration to man kind, skinny dont mean shit...mind over matter.... hes nothing to prove...

  • Jared Mollison
    Jared MollisonMåned siden

    It doesn’t matter if your black or white any African is a different breed

  • Anthony Ramsay
    Anthony RamsayMåned siden

    Never mentioned P.E.D. use hmmmm.

  • Terry Lovein

    Terry Lovein

    Måned siden

    Salty hater😂

  • godfrey Francis

    godfrey Francis

    Måned siden

    Because he never used it there are more than 5 different reason he can get gyno

  • Lubomir Radev
    Lubomir RadevMåned siden

    "Pain is my friend " -Jiraiya has left the chat.

  • Krishna Rijal
    Krishna RijalMåned siden

    He is not a real warrier,you guys see he is cheating in every fight .

  • It's not tears, It's sorrow

    It's not tears, It's sorrow

    Måned siden

    @Terry Lovein let them hate.

  • Terry Lovein

    Terry Lovein

    Måned siden

    Salty hater stalking izzy videos😂

  • cristobal valenzuela critobal valenzuela
    cristobal valenzuela critobal valenzuelaMåned siden

    Me gustaria que pelee con jhon jhon

  • Ryan V B
    Ryan V BMåned siden

    Let's go champpp

  • Lucah London
    Lucah LondonMåned siden

    Modern day gladiators.

  • Timbo Yuen
    Timbo YuenMåned siden

    grats champ

  • SkyBlue
    SkyBlueMåned siden

    Greatest striker the UFC has ever seen. #ForeverWhitebelt

  • Sharky Razz
    Sharky RazzMåned siden

    Anyone here after he smacked Costa up

  • Colorado Forest Beings
    Colorado Forest BeingsMåned siden

    Anyone going to comment on his Gyno? Like actual professional fighters? CMON Izzy is a dirty biotch claiming costa was on roids and he got his hands all over them

  • Karabo Molele
    Karabo MoleleMåned siden

    Now that's a HELLUVA MINDSET.

  • Tabiboo Kenny
    Tabiboo KennyMåned siden

    The way he knocked Costa out? COLD

  • Kayode Akinola
    Kayode AkinolaMåned siden

    "feeling comfortable with the uncomfortable" That's the warrior's mentality.

  • G.r Tshikuma Mac
    G.r Tshikuma MacMåned siden


  • #dope clance_*jr*
    #dope clance_*jr*Måned siden

    Paulo Costa fans be like: 👁️👄👁️

  • jahadzida
    jahadzidaMåned siden

    pain is my friend this man Is smart he tricked his nerves when you make pain your friend you make resistance naturally if you didn't understand that means that he has a high pain tolarence but he doesn't have that much power just keep on working on your triceps for like 2 hours no break cause he already has presicion

  • Kiing Kong
    Kiing KongMåned siden

    Is it normal to get a stiffy while fighting?

  • dean timberlake
    dean timberlakeMåned siden

    Pain is a state of mind? You watch to many movies. Tattoos aren’t painful. This bloke is deluded. Why do blacks chat shit? Be real and people might like you.

  • Nicholas Woods
    Nicholas WoodsMåned siden

    Boy bout to have a real good night sleep on Saturday Sunday he bout to get smacked

  • Y.A.K.


    Måned siden

    😂 #ANDSTILL‼️

  • Mike Bell
    Mike BellMåned siden

    Cannot fucking wait

  • Julliette Eddie
    Julliette EddieMåned siden

    Israel Adsasnye 💪💪💪👊👊👊 Good luck Boy let's go champ. Jah bless

  • Amir A
    Amir AMåned siden

    The Skinny Claw is cool. Hope he wins.

  • Paulo Victor
    Paulo VictorMåned siden

    And New.

  • Matija Djukic
    Matija DjukicMåned siden


  • Mark Masters
    Mark MastersMåned siden

    Go Adesanya go!

  • 03 Sevi
    03 SeviMåned siden


  • MoeLarryCurly
    MoeLarryCurlyMåned siden

    Izzy will be on another level tonight, he'll push himself for the tko,

  • Sean .H
    Sean .HMåned siden

    He should stand in the middle of the batting cages Happy Gilmore style to work on his pain training

  • Noel Runega
    Noel RunegaMåned siden

    Izzy is lying about pain. After Romero caught him with the overhand, he started avoiding the fight and started point fighting

  • Johnny Versachi
    Johnny VersachiMåned siden


    ZEAL OF ISRAEL Z.O.I.Måned siden

    Classic fight

  • April Fools
    April FoolsMåned siden

    Lessgoooo Style Bender 🙌🏻 easy claps

  • NaxoS LFDL
    NaxoS LFDLMåned siden

    He is a champion and a BOSS!

  • ياسين
    ياسينMåned siden

    this is a really good video

  • Breast Milk Alabama
    Breast Milk AlabamaMåned siden

    I respect him so much

  • cute and funny animals
    cute and funny animalsMåned siden

    One more sleep 😴 In my country the main event 3 or 3:30 night 😭 but I will be there

  • Lance Wakeland
    Lance WakelandMåned siden


  • BoxyTheSpaceDog
    BoxyTheSpaceDogMåned siden

    Jones would kill this clown

  • It's not tears, It's sorrow

    It's not tears, It's sorrow

    Måned siden

    Only if he takes him down, standup adesanya would put a clinic on him.

  • Chef_MMA
    Chef_MMAMåned siden

    A real warrior right there✊🏿

  • BoxyTheSpaceDog


    Måned siden

    @Chef_MMA lost in translation are we?

  • Chef_MMA


    Måned siden

    @BoxyTheSpaceDog ?

  • BoxyTheSpaceDog


    Måned siden


  • Faint Sherin
    Faint SherinMåned siden

    Of course, Izzy is a warrior, but lately, he has this new warrior mentality, he became a Social Justice Warrior!

  • Kobies Boxing
    Kobies BoxingMåned siden

    This is like the 30th Israel vs. Costa related video that I've watched in the build up to UFC 253.

  • SchwedenMein Heimatland
    SchwedenMein HeimatlandMåned siden

    How can we kill a dear and have meat that hasn't suffered, does he snap his finger and that dear turns into a whopper or what? Eat meat all you want, but it is just pathetic hearing an excuse to try to make it so that he is at the top of the moral high ground when in fact we unnecessarily kill, no? I don't think he is very smart outside the cage but he is an exceptional fighter, however, my hopes are on Costa. Costa wheel kick KO second round!

  • Terry Lovein

    Terry Lovein

    Måned siden


  • Chill Introvert
    Chill IntrovertMåned siden

    Dude seems like he's made for this business.

  • Waleska Ramos
    Waleska RamosMåned siden

    El mejor de todos ⚡️

  • Team Ghast
    Team GhastMåned siden


  • Paul King
    Paul KingMåned siden

    This guy really thinks he's special. When your adrenaline is up no one feels pain ya twat, not just you. How do you go from "I don't feel pain" to "Pain is my friend" in 10 secs?

  • Divyendu Kashyap
    Divyendu KashyapMåned siden

    Toebender here already preparing for usman

  • Divyendu Kashyap
    Divyendu KashyapMåned siden

    The thing he said about stubbing toes is so true.. The pain aint that bad, and if you stay calm and focus on the pain itself, u almost feel stronger

  • TBE
    TBEMåned siden

    The whites don’t like it cause their white hope Whittaker got destroyed 💪🏾😎🤫

  • Harlow Roberts

    Harlow Roberts

    Måned siden

    are you dumb, how does this have anything to do with race

  • Mitchell Bowman
    Mitchell BowmanMåned siden

    This dude also believes hes a philosopher or some shite

  • Mitchell Bowman
    Mitchell BowmanMåned siden

    This children, is the definition of stuck up. Not confidence, this is pure narcissism

  • Mitchell Bowman

    Mitchell Bowman

    Måned siden

    chariot rider My grammar is fine, you’re just not reading it right. And if you want to play it that way then your comment is not capitalized and you used your instead of the correct “you’re.” Special kind of stupid folks!

  • Harlow Roberts

    Harlow Roberts

    Måned siden

    child* or these* if your going to make a dumb comment at least use proper grammar.

  • Claudio Alencar
    Claudio AlencarMåned siden

    Go Izzy go! Costa is easy😂

  • Hamm Bone
    Hamm BoneMåned siden

    You felt Romero hit you

  • Hamm Bone
    Hamm BoneMåned siden

    I'd kinda like to see an upset

  • personal channel
    personal channelMåned siden

    2:41 Jon jones jr 😂😂

  • RK B
    RK BMåned siden

    I like them both. I remember when izzy debuted on the UFC and beat tavares and brunson then delivered his post fight speech with the afro comb on his hair lol but idk man I’m rooting for costa on this one

  • Rūben S
    Rūben SMåned siden

    Pain is my friend, then why were you running from Yoel

  • Rūben S
    Rūben SMåned siden

    Ego is too high bruh, he trying too hard to be cool

  • Harlow Roberts

    Harlow Roberts

    Måned siden

    He's literally gone 20-0 in the middle weight of the freaking mma I don't see how what hes saying isn't justified. cause its not like hes going around saying that with a 5-3 win rate or something like that

  • M WOLF
    M WOLFMåned siden

    That deer analogy was weak bro. Amazing fighter tho

  • snowboard424
    snowboard424Måned siden

    Will always feel like a knockoff Silva. He’s fun to watch, and his style is unique, but he’s just not the same caliber. His first title defense was the biggest snoozefest I’ve seen in a while. Couldn’t finish Silva him at 43. Silva took no prisoners. Should still be a good fight

  • Brian 1k
    Brian 1kMåned siden

    Bro ion know if I’m just high but I think I just seen the future . But I think in the next 7-8 years he’s going to be FULLL body tattooed. If I get this shit right i want a million dollars 😭‼️

  • Bee Hive
    Bee HiveMåned siden

    I want Costa to win, just so I can see which shirt he wears at the press conference. His Mauling of English is also quite entertaining.

  • iR1veX '
    iR1veX 'Måned siden

    I like everything about Izzy except his recent childish approach to the Costa fight

  • tiggums B
    tiggums BMåned siden

    I think Adesanya and Pain are more than just friends (;

  • Dwight K. Schrute
    Dwight K. SchruteMåned siden

    Lowkey looks like a Julio Jones

  • Dream Team Wrestling
    Dream Team WrestlingMåned siden

    Hey man mind checking us out ? We're a small channel with Wrestling and WWE 2K BATTLEGROUNDS content ! No worries if not It's all good

  • Tyler S
    Tyler SMåned siden

    Song playing at 2:22? Cmon dawg some one come thru wid this shit need that for mad training

  • itsmissCoCo
    itsmissCoCoMåned siden

    this kiwi is going to sleep

  • Terry Lovein

    Terry Lovein

    Måned siden


  • Kamar Khan
    Kamar KhanMåned siden

    game owe for israel no mor chance in fuchar

  • Samuel medeiros Resende
    Samuel medeiros ResendeMåned siden

    Israel you represent all brazilian people, our same blood from Mama Africa. Paulo Costa is a facist like Bolsonaro. God bless you.

  • Nik nik
    Nik nikMåned siden

    How pretentious.

  • Redeyes Fiji
    Redeyes FijiMåned siden

    Sadly all of this things will come to an end on the 26th of Sep my friend... it will teach you a lesson to always humble and respect your opponent.

  • Y.A.K.


    Måned siden

    What lesson? 😂#ANDSTILL

    FRODOMIROSMåned siden

    He’s got no warrior code. This is all BS. He sells it well. There are hundreds of fighters that have warrior code - inside and out of the octagon. This guy has none. 1. Said that He will make Yoel “ crumble like Twin Towers”. And when people gasped in shock he mocked them with “What??? Too soon?” 2. When failing to back up his trash talk and failing to engage a stationary Yoel, he got booed. As soon as he heard them he flipped the fans. Called them drunk idiots for whom he wasn’t going to risk it. 3. Called all casual fans “stupid and meek” on tweeter when responding to people calling him out as an unworthy champ. 4. Lying in the most cringe way about interaction with Costa in the hotel lobby, while saying Costa approached him, while it was Israel who extended his hand. Wouldn’t even be an issue if Israel didn’t proceed to trash Costa after a normal meet. I’ve read about many warriors and none of those who lived by any code were as lousy, lying, insensitive and repulsive as this mAn. Not a Costa fan, but hope he knocks him out. He is far more respectful person. When you respect others, you gain respect. And that defines a code.

  • Blake Sking

    Blake Sking

    Måned siden

    You said nothing but facts here

    STORM3D4LIFEMåned siden

    Hei, well said Adesanya and have a good victory.. im was just woundering if UFC 253 Fight Island in Abu Dhabi gonna be crowded or empy?

  • G Scott
    G ScottMåned siden

    Pain is not your friend after ACL surgery pal 🙈

  • George Gorgotadze
    George GorgotadzeMåned siden

    If this fight is somehow boring imma be so tight

  • Harlow Roberts

    Harlow Roberts

    Måned siden

    well it was boring in an unexpected way lol

  • Timur Zavidov
    Timur ZavidovMåned siden

    Izzy will have full plate Saturday. You have 2 fighters that are ready to go. One is a truck, that hits like Abrams tank. The other one is very elusive and technical. Problem is that Costa will keep coming, and if Izzy can't counter punch him to death, he will keep coming like against Romero. I don't know if Izzy is underestimating Costa, because Costa is no slouch. He brought WAR to Joel, and almost KO'd him multiple times. I like Izzy, but he has been acting like a fucking diva these days. I am not cheering for either fighter. Because both are worthy of winning, but Izzy's arrogance lately is off-putting. Costa can win that belt, and Izzy needs to fully comprehend this. Because Costa knows that Izzy is not on Anderson Silva level. Izzy will have a tough fight. Unless he KO's Costa early.

  • RealWorld Training
    RealWorld TrainingMåned siden

    There’s only one person on the planet who truly knows the warriors code. His name is Eubanks sr aka English. Look him up

  • prince imed
    prince imedMåned siden

    Warriors don't watch Naruto.

    MY NAME JEFFMåned siden

    Why does israel lick his lips every time he finishes a sentence, seems pretty cringe and gay

  • Francis Bolaji
    Francis BolajiMåned siden

    Go on Omo ekun..Omo Oduduwa

  • LMivha
    LMivhaMåned siden

    Costa will knock him out

  • LMivha


    Måned siden

    @Y.A.K. 😂ok my mistake. But believe me when I say this is the only prediction I made that went very wrong. I meant wtf Costa didn't even try the idiot

  • Y.A.K.


    Måned siden

    Come again? 😂 #ANDSTILL‼️

  • Alex Francis
    Alex FrancisMåned siden

    Is talking s*** part of warrior code also?

  • Karim Bouabbas
    Karim BouabbasMåned siden

    Issy dont let bullshit news get in youre head! You needed oxygen...after K.o.loss to Alex in K1 ...THE TRUE NUBIAN WARIOR! WILL SHOW that he is the matador! And i told Jason Wilnis, that comes also from Utrecht that he lost against you...and he Agree

  • Andre jr Jr
    Andre jr JrMåned siden

    🐑Black haiti for Black free...🦁

  • Nasir Elshabbaz
    Nasir ElshabbazMåned siden

    You can tell this was made a while ago because his hair


    il est incroyable ce garcon c du feu c le diable ! il est magnifique un predateur dans toute sa beauté

  • Vladislav Maier
    Vladislav MaierMåned siden

    Man I got goosebumps. Israel is the maaan

  • 1988Wildchild1988
    1988Wildchild1988Måned siden

    Don’t get why people hate on Adesaya? He’s a talented fighter and will beat Costa tomorrow end of story!

  • Melvin Collins
    Melvin CollinsMåned siden

    Izzy fights like a bitch. Talks and acts like Tarzan, and then fights like Jane.

  • a random person lol

    a random person lol

    Måned siden

    show him how it's done

  • Kane Hammack
    Kane HammackMåned siden

    Used to like him now I hope Costa wrecks him.

  • Kane Hammack

    Kane Hammack

    Måned siden

    @sd98 we will see eh buddy(?

  • sd98


    Måned siden

    Hahaha maybe next time eh buddy?

  • T F
    T FMåned siden

    Costa takes Izzy down (picks him up and rag dolls him down), Izzy gets ground and pounded into oblivion. The end.

  • Johan Vivier

    Johan Vivier

    Måned siden

    Man, I can't believe your King of Bitches lost.

  • Victor Lugosi
    Victor LugosiMåned siden

    The warrior code: run away and wait for a lucky shot.. Dress like a kid in his moms basement

  • Bimbambu tV
    Bimbambu tVMåned siden

    newsflash: deer suffer when you shoot them with an arrow. it's better than buying meat at the store tho